If We Were Having Coffee…7/2/16

Good Morning!

If we were having coffee…the first thing out of my mouth would probably be “Holy cow! It’s July! How did that happen?!” Is seems like the weeks are just breezing by. Maybe not for those of you that are hard at work but when you are on vacation, naturally time flies.

Anyway, after I filled your cup with some rich French roast or iced tea, if preferred, we could settle ourselves on the porch and enjoy the lovely cool mornings. As you can see, the hibiscus my FIL gave me for Mother’s Day is still alive and thriving. Hubby has been keeping it watered because the poor plant has a much better chance of survival if I just keep my distance. 😊

If we were having coffee…you would have noticed that my Hubby has also been tending to the front of the house, decorating and preparing for July the fourth. The flags are out and he even gifted me a pot of red, white, and blue petunias (which he will also be in charge of keeping alive)! We get very enthusiastic about the Fourth of July in our little town, but that’s another post altogether. For now let’s just relax, enjoy the sunshine and our beverages and catch up!


If we were having coffee…I would ask you what you have been up to this week? Have you enjoyed exciting developments or endured frustrating problems? I would hope for more ups than downs. My week has been busy but enjoyable for the most part.

After our adventure at the Blueberry Festival on Sunday my honey and I mostly spent our time on day to day stuff. It is an odd feeling having both children head off to work while Hubby and I hang out at home! I’m kinda liking it, especially the part where they complain and grumble on their way out the door…

“Boy, I wish I was on vacation and could just hang out all day!”

“Must be nice not having to go to work.”Β 

We just smile and wave them off….”Have a great day. We’ll be here when you get home! “😊

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I finished another backdrop for the STEAM camp. Day four is going to be “Island Survival Day” where the campers are asked Β to pretend they’ve been stranded on a desert island and need to use resources available in nature in order to survive. We are going to learn all about various plant life and they are going to be making sundials.

Here is the photo back drop:


It measures 6′ X 4′ and I was a little intimidated because I’ve never painted anything that big before but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Β I used a paint roller to make quick work of the larger areas and to avoid brush strokes. It’s a good thing I’m finished, though, because my family was a little tired of my taking up the entire kitchen with paints and foam board!

If we were having coffee…I would share one really annoying part of my week. On Thrusday, Hubby and I decided to go grocery shopping together…that’s not the annoying part 😊. Usually I go alone but it was nice to have company and strong arms to carry the bags. However, after all the $123 worth of groceries were rung up and I swiped my debit card, the computer kept coming back saying we only had 21 dollars available?! I knew there was over five hundred dollars in the checking account and Hubby had just deposited his paycheck that morning as well. After trying the card three different ways on two different machines (with a line of people forming behind us) we gave up. Luckily, after we pooled our cash, we had just enough to pay the 101 dollar balance. If we hadn’t been together, one of us would have been putting some food back on the shelf or just leaving it all behind!

When I got home, I went online and discovered the problem. All of the funds in our checking account (except for $21) was being held untill Hubby’s paycheck cleared. This made no sense to me because we have two savings accounts with more than enough money in them to cover the check. And why $21? Electronic banking makes me crazy. I can never figure out how they determine what is “pending” and what your “available balance”is!!!!

Okay, I’m done my little rant. I know how lucky we are to have enough money to buy food in the first place so I’m just going to shake off my frustrations! (I hope all those people who were stuck in line behind us are feeling the same way.)😊

If we were having coffee…you would probably glance at the clock and realize that the time has gotten away from us again! We always have so much to chat about that I quite forget about all the other things I have to do today. This is my afternoon to volunteer at the Thrift Shop downtown and then Miss Dee and I are going to our local “Miss” pageant with some friends this evening. The rest of the holiday weekend will be filled with parades, barbecues and fireworks.

For my friends here in the U.S- Β “Happy Independance Day!” and for my friends in the rest of the world (where July 4th is just another day πŸ˜‰), I hope that your weekend is pleasant and joyful and that you are surrounded by those you love most! Thanks so much for stopping by. Make sure to visit Diana over at Part Time Monster so you can catch up with the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share posts!

16 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…7/2/16

  1. Your painting is gorgeous! Glad you got through the checkout okay.. I’ve been without my wallet and had to come back to the store to pay and retrieve my cart! Doh!

    • Thanks! Yeah it’s pretty lucky my hubby happened to have cash on him too! I only had about $1.50 in my wallet.

  2. I’m with you on the “Holy Cow!” Where did half the year go?? We are also on school holidays but generally holing up at home because it’s winter. (I’ll have a hot chocolate in that mug, thanks.) Hope you had a lovely Fourth of July.

  3. Happy Fourth to you!
    If we were having coffee, which I am, at 9:30 pm, I would tell you I bought a new flag over a month ago, well before Flag Day, and took the old one to the VFW, and my husband still hasn’t hung the new one. I have just told him I insist he hang it, so I may well be up on a ladder this weekend, you never can tell, lol!
    I’ve been makin cherry pie tonight, finally got the kitchen clean of all the red!
    This week did go quickly. Maybe even the whole month. Don’t blink, or it’ll be time to buy school supplies!

  4. Just imagine if you hadn’t enough cash on you? That would have been totally annoying.
    Happy 4th of July to you too.
    I would like to invite you to my online blog party going on right now. The link is titled, Let’s cook up a party. Hope you can drop in and connect with other bloggers. Regards

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