If We Were Having Coffee…7/30/16

imageIf we were having coffee…I would invite you in and  relieve you of your drippy umbrella. As you can see, we are enjoying some much needed rain here in southern NJ. After we settled ourselves in at the kitchen table, I would offer you a mug of strong French roast or possibly some iced tea or lemonade if you prefer. D-man (aka “Hubby”) has just pulled a tray of his famous chocolate chip cookies from the oven. I’m pretty sure we could steal a few of those as well!

I would tell you that he is busy baking cookies tonight because we will be visiting his Great-Aunt Lorraine tomorrow and wanted to take her a treat. She lives an hour and a half north of here near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and she recently celebrated her 96th birthday! I’d say that deserves some home made cookies wouldn’t you?  I don’t think she would mind if we enjoyed a few first, though.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you how you are planning to spend your Sunday? The weather here still looks bleak but maybe it will be better where you are. Did you enjoy your day today? Ours was very nice.  Both children had to work, but D-man and I spent the afternoon enjoying barbecue at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. Actually, because of the rain, it became an indoor  BBQ cooked in the crock pot! The purpose of the party was to introduce their newest granddaughter. My nephew and his wife live upstate and because they have  a 2 year old as well as an infant, it’s tricky for them to make the trip down here too often. I certainly remember those days! We had one “really fun” road trip where the baby cried for the last hour, and her brother got sick all over the back seat. Ahh, good times!

Anyway, the party was loud and crazy, with lots kids and dogs underfoot. The baby was fussed over and passed around and we all filled up on my sister Pat’s delicious foods. Her husband is half Italian and half Polish and since his mother only had sons herself, she taught Pat how to make all her favorite recipes,  including one of my favorites,  peppers and kilbasa! She also prepared our grandmothers German potato salad and our mother’s bread pudding. I was thinking how wonderful it was that, even though all those lovely ladies are no longer with us, there pretense was felt just the same.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you, (speaking of food), that our family went out to dinner on Wednesday to celebrate the kids recent birthdays. We went to a restaurant called “Max Brenner’s Chocolate Box” across the bridge in Philadelphia. Hubby and I had gone ther for our anniversary back in May and after telling Miss Dee and Mr D about how amazing it was, they really wanted to try it themselves. It didn’t disappoint! Dinner was good but at “Max’s” dessert is the main course! I enjoyed some cinnamon crusted churros with toffee, chocolate and rasberry dipping sauce, Mr D had a frothy milkshake topped with fresh made whipped cream, and Hubby and Miss Dee shared something called “The Chocolate Mess for Two!” I think the name pretty much says it all but here is a photo too…

Under the whipped cream was chocolate lava cake, two kinds of ice cream, strawberries and pineapples. Believe it or not, they cleaned the plate!

After the reservations were already made, we realized that we would be going into the city right in the middle of the Democratic National Convention. Even though it was being held at the other end of the city, I was afraid the traffic and security might be out of control. As it turned out, aside from a few extra police officers and some people toting signs and banners there was no evidence that anything unusual was going on. Durning dinner we did see two SUV limousines go by escorted by several motorcycles with flashing lights. It was fun to imagine who might have been inside!

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I’ve really enjoyed our visit. I’d like to spend some more time catching up but all this food talk has made me really hungry so I think I’ll go find another snack! I hope you have time to stop by Part Time Monster and check out the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share posts. May your week be filled with the things and the people you love the most!

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