If We Were Having Coffee….8/7/16

imageGood Morning!

If we were having coffee…on this beautiful Sunday morning I would welcome you in and offer you a cup of freshly brewed French roast or some hot tea if you prefer. Perhaps you would like something cold instead like orange juice or iced tea? The thermometer is reading 97 degrees, of course that’s on the front porch which is directly in the sun at the moment.

You might happen to notice that even though the air is on, the screen door is open, something that would freak the hubby out if he weren’t 90 miles away on a fishing boat. I know it’s very wasteful but hear me out. Miss Dee is still asnooze upstairs so if I turn off the AC she will melt  (it is much warmer up there than down here in the summer), but there is such a beautiful blue sky and I’m going nuts being in a hermetically sealed environment day after day so I couldn’t resist opening the door for a bit. Just listen to the birds and smell the fresh air! Ahh!

I suppose I could haul us all out to the back deck but I’m still in my jammies at the moment and that might make the neighbor gardening in his yard a bit uncomfortable. We will close it in a bit, I promise. Just don’t tell D-man if you see him, okay? As I said, he is in Cape May fishing at the moment. He has a friend who owns a house and a small boat he keeps down there so occasionally he will call and invite my hubby to join him for the weekend. He quite enjoys it. I find fishing a snooze, but that’s me. I do always tell him that if he catches any of those rare filleted fish with their heads already removed that he can bring them home for me to cook. 😉 I do love to eat fish. So far, though, he hasn’t had much luck.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you about your week? That’s the best thing about the Coffee Share; hearing about all the interesting things you all have gotten up to. You would probably ask me about my week as well and I would tell you that it has been pretty busy and quite exciting!

I would tell you that Monday and Tuesday were routine.  I did do my volunteer gig at the charity thrift store downtown on Tuesday afternoon, but the rest of the time was taken up with odds and ends and getting ready for our trip on Wednesday. “Where to?” you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you…

Back in June, for Father’s Day, I gave the hubby tickets to see “Phantom of the Opera” at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. It’s his favorite show, but I admit, it was kind of a self serving gift since I gave him TWO tickets and he knew he had to use the other one on me (or else😊). Washington is about a three hour drive for us so we left at 11:00 and arrived in time to check into our hotel. We stayed at the One Washington Circle Hotel right in downtown DC. I was able to get a really good discount on the room because we belong to AAA motor club. I can’t say enough good things about this place. It wasn’t incredibly fancy and could probably use some up dating but the rooms were clean and spacious and the staff was uber friendly. It was also perfectly situated because a half block away, there was a shuttle bus stop to the Kennedy Center where a free shuttle stopped every 15 minutes. It made getting to and from the theater super easy.

Needless to say, the show was excellent. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. This is our third viewing. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music is so beautiful and haunting and the story is intense. The two and a half hours just flew by. Here is a clip of one of my favorite songs:

After the show, we went back to the hotel for a night cap and then the next morning, after a bit of sightseeing including a walk to the White House, we drove an hour further south to visit some friends in Stafford, Virginia. We enjoyed a lovely day there with them and their 17 cats (yes, I said 17)!

I told you a bit about this friend last summer. She and I have been friends since we were wee ones and were lucky enough to breath new life into our friendship during a trip she and her husband took up here to New Jersey last August. They have never had children but their kitties are their family and she helps out the local rescue shelters by taking in kittens that have been abandon. She has two little ones now that still need to be bottle fed every six hours! Usually, they find new homes for the cats but some tend to stay.  I have to tell you though, we have indoor cats so I know that odor control can be tricky sometimes, but their house did not smell like a house with 17 cats! I don’t know how she does it.



They have two, a brother and sister named Max and Maxine that are Maine coon cats and have and extra toe on each paw. What beauties they are!! I fell in love. Miss Dee would have tried to pack them in her suitcase, if she had been there.

On Thursday afternoon, they took us for a tour of their retirement home that they are building out in the country, about 45 minutes away from their current home.  It should be done in September and is quite lovely with plenty of room for all their feline friends. Afterwards we had dinner at a near by restaurant and then headed back to their place for coffee and dessert. She makes the most wonderful apple cake! On Friday morning, after breakfast, we headed home. It really was a great couple of days and I was sad to get back to routine living, but I must admit I was missing my kids a bit.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that this Wednesday, the whole family is off for our annual three day camping trip to upstate Pennsylvania. If you stop back next week, I can tell you all about that!

In the meantime, I hope you have a great week filled with both excitement and simple pleasures. Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to catch up with the rest of the Coffee Share posts hosted by the lovely Diana at Part Time Monster.

15 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee….8/7/16

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  2. Great coffee share post, Nancy! I hope your husband enjoyed his time fishing and I hope you enjoyed the husbandless house! So exciting that you got to see Phantom of the Opera! I’ve seen it three times and “Music of the Night” is also my favorite song. 🙂

    • There are so many songs I like it was hard to pick a favorite, but that one always gives me goosebumps! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip to DC! And don’t worry, I won’t tell your husband about “air-conditioning the neighborhood,” as my mother would have said. Because I do the same thing, once in a while. I want to the houses to stay cool, but I just need to smell that fresh air, too!

  4. Thank you, I’ll have ice tea please and I don’t mind the door being open at all! I saw Phantom in London, the theater was shabbier and smaller than I expected but the show brilliant ❤ Enjoy your camping, sounds like lots of fun!

  5. I have the same crisis about having the door open with the air on. It’s gives you a wonderful feeling when the natural light comes inside. I was in Washington D.C. last weekend. Hopefully you didn’t get stuck in a huge crowd around the White House like we did. I hope you all enjoyed the show and the visit we your friend. Have a wonderful week!

  6. I love the Phantom too although it gets me a bit emotional these days since a friend sang “Wishing you were somehow here again” at my sister’s funeral.
    Opening a door (or window) is our air conditioning system so I can understand the not wanting to be shut up in a box thing. When the boys were little, on those heatwave ’25 degrees overnight’ nights (that’s Celsius, btw), we used to drag their mattresses downstairs and they’d sleep in the family room where it was a bit cooler. Now they’re teenagers they’re not so keen on leaving their rooms so we finally had ceiling fans installed in their bedrooms last summer. But they still need a window open.

    • I can understand getting emotional hearing that song. His music is very stirring anyway, even when you don’t associate it with such a sad event.
      As far as the summer heat, I admit I am a bit of a baby when it come to sleeping. Hubby and I both need it to be cool and I don’t know how we would get along without AC! I’m very impressed with your ability to handle the heat!

  7. Wow you’ve got a lot going on! I’ll take the hot tea, thanks. I love Phantom, and you’ve shown my favorite Phantom song 🙂 I know exactly how you feel about the hermetically sealed house. Now and then I’ve just got to open mine up a little bit. I remember bottling feeding kittens my roommate saved. Intense. Still, not quite as demanding as human babies, not as much crying.

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