Dixie Deadzone Diners

I fell in love with this clever idea and wanted to share it the rest of my blog friends…

The Nugget Life

This weekend I attended two of three of Dixie’s, yes the paper product company, Deadzone Diners. In case you’re asking yourself the same question I asked myself when I first heard of them, “What is a ‘deadzone diner’?” From my understanding, Dixie’s marketing team cleverly came up with the idea of “disconnect[ing] to reconnect”—utilizing areas with no cell service to serve free food and encourage people to talk to each other. What a concept! They took people back to when none of us had unlimited data, before everyone at the (restaurant) dinner table had a cell phone, and to when people drew a happy face on a piece of paper using an equal sign and a half parentheses. They provided what is rare nowadays, a total human experience. Ok, sure, this all took place on what seemed to be a live set, but I’m going to stand behind my belief…

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3 responses to “Dixie Deadzone Diners

  1. Thank you for sharing! I like that idea!

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find it here!

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