A Christmas Memory #1…Holiday Goodies

Last year in honor of my favorite season I embarked on a daily Christmas Postathon. It was a great way to maintain my holiday spirit but to be honest, the pace nearly did me in! So this year I’m going for a looser, more laid back version.  Periodically I will pull out a Christmas memory or favorite to share. Feel free to join the party! I would love to reminisce with all my friends.

Today’s topic is…

Favorite holiday treats

As we slouched around the remnants of our Thanksgiving dinner this year, the conversation turned to all the special treats that made our childhood holiday seasons so memorable. Goodies like Christmas cookies and egg nog jump to most everyone’s mind but each of us had our own personal treats, those things that brought back that rush of Christmas feelings from our childhood.

imageMy sister and I compared notes and decided that we always felt Christmas was upon us when the bowl of mixed nuts appeared. They occupied a special cut glass bowl my mom saved for such delicacies with silver nut crackers tucked in beside them. We knew we couldn’t eat them all at once because they were an extravagance and had to last till Christmas Day. Back then I preferred walnuts and loved cracking them open and then digging around with the little silver pick trying to get every last piece from the broken shell. Today I’d happily dig into the almonds, filberts and pecans as well.

imageMom also splurged on a big box of Whitman chocolates each season. The box she purchased was called the “sampler” because it contained an assortment of every sort of filled chocolates they made. My favorites were the caramels. In fact, they still are. After we were grown and out on our own, mom still gave my sisters and I a Whitman Sampler each Christmas. I usually had to stash it away somewhere safe or it would be empty in no time.

imageAnother special Christams treat I remember from my grandmother’s house were ribbon candies and chocolate filled straws. She was very fond of hard candies  and usually had some type around her house but those two were reserved just for the holidays. To be honest, I only sucked on them for a minute or two before I spit them out to try another flavor! I wonder if my grandmother ever noticed all those half eaten candies in her trash? She always offered me more so I guess she didn’t mind!

imageNow it’s your turn. What are the special treats you remember from your childhood Christmases? I’m sure the there are local and regional goodies that are unique to certain areas. So many confections, flavors and tastes but the feelings of joy and warm memories they bring are the same no matter where or when you grew up.

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  1. Almond crescents dipped in chocolate were my mother’s go-to recipe when we needed to bring holiday cookies somewhere. Rum balls were another staple; took hours to roll them all and dip them in sprinkles, but they were always guaranteed to make you feel warm and happy on an otherwise miserably cold day. I’m actually planning to bite the bullet and make up a batch of those myself this year. It’s been too long.

    No one in our house liked candied ginger, so whenever we were gifted a box of chocolates with no flavor guide it was a waiting game to see who would be the one to recoil and spit out the bonbon with the ginger in it. I grew up to be a big fan of the stuff, though, so these days I’d be disappointed if the wrong person got it and it wound up in the trash instead of my mouth.

    • Too funny! We had certain kinds that always seemed to end up with thumb holes in them because “someone” was testing to see what the filling was! Personally, I like them all but I try to leave the coconut ones for my hubby since those are his favorite.

      I have never tried a rum ball or the almond cookies you mentioned. Both sound yummy, though so I may have to look up a recipe. Have fun baking (or rolling 😊)

  2. My personal favorites were the snowball cookies my mom made every year. But my grandmother also put out those ribbon candies, and I thought they were almost (almost) too pretty to eat!

  3. The bowl of mixed nuts with the silver nutcracker was a mainstay in our home too … as well as the hard candy. In fact, after my father passed away, I learned that my dad was well-known for always carrying candy in his pockets and handing them out to kids. Funny – his own kids weren’t so fond of those candies 🙂

    Because my father was Italian, our Christmas was full of Italian traditions from Calabria taught to my mother by my grandmother. We had Italian pastries like Crustili, Turdilli, and Pitta M’Pigliata. I actually didn’t know what that last pastry was called until I looked it up to write this comment. Thanks for prodding me to investigate a little of my past 🙂

    • I’m not familiar with the names of any of the pastries you mentioned but I might know them if I saw (or tasted 😋) them. My sister’s husband is half Italian and half Polish and his mother made the most wonderful cookies at Christmas. I don’t remember the name but they had powdered sugar on them. I also love Italian Rum cake which was a staple at their holiday parties as well.

      I’m so glad you joined my trip down memory lane!

  4. What a fun post! I remember we also had those nuts and a nut cracker here in Finland when I was a kid. I’ve never had egg nog, Whitman’s chocolate or ribbon candy though! 😋

    • Thanks for your kind words! I think for this holiday, you should treat yourself to some egg nog, just for the experience!😉

    • I’ve been told, though, that American chocolates pale in comparison to European so I imagine you would not be impressed by our Whitman’s Sampler!

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