If We Were Having Coffee…6/3/17

Good afternoon!

If we were having coffee you would find me perky and pleasant today because, finally, finally, finally we could enjoy our visit out on the porch! The weather here in Jersey, following a rainy morning, is sunny and mild and yesterday, the D-Man liberated all the outdoor furniture from the garage. I was so happy to see my Adirondack chair I would have kissed it, had it not been covered with spider webs! Don’t worry though, everything now is clean and fresh and quite sit-able! So let’s fill up your cup, put our feet up on the porch rail and do some catching up.

For me, the last week or so has mostly been about staying motivated while the school year winds down. Two weeks to go. The students have checked out mentally and the daily routine has been one interruption after another. We’ve had some end of year testing, spring concerts, visiting bands from the high school and mifddle school as well as field trips and picnics. Next week is even busier. At least it will make the days move quickly. The end of the school year can’t come soon enough because we are in the midst of a severe pencil shortage! I swear the kids must be eating them or selling them on the black market because everytime you turn around, the supply cups are empty and no one has any in their desks or back packs. I’m thinking perhaps a black hole of some kind?! Anyway, we need to finish up the year before other items start being sucked in, staplers, notebooks, the laminator! Yikes!

If we were having coffeeI would tell you a bit about one of my favorite students, Willa. She’s a sweet, shy 9 year old with a quirky sense of humor that she shares only with those she feels most comfortable. We’ve been friends since herfirst grade year, so I’m lucky enough to be one of those people. Lately Willa’s thing has been telling riddles. Periodically she appears  in front of me with another. Here are a few “Willa-isms”…

  • A cowboy rode into town on Friday. He stayed in townfor three nights then rode out on Friday. How is that possible?
  • Mr Pink lives in the pink house, Mr Blues lives in the blue house, Mr Green lives in the green house. Who lives in the white house?
  • A rancher has 198 cattle but when he rounds them up he has 200. Why is that?
  • What belongs to you but is used most often by others?

I will put the answers at the bottom so you can ponder a bit…😊

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that today is a busy one in our family.  Mr D was up at 7:00 and off to work (it’s a big time of year in the NJ produce world- fresh strawberries are in!) Then he had a baseball game followed by his girlfriend’s college graduation party this evening. I spent the morning on cleaning, laundry and a little online shopping for STEAM Camp while D-man did some baking and cleared out his old desk so he could organize the new one. Boy that man loves to save stuff!! You wouldn’t believe the flotsam hidden in those desk drawers. It was like a time capsule of his last thirty years!

As for this afternoon, we will be heading over to my father-in-laws in a bit to have a meet and greet with baby Asher who has come down from NYC to visit (he brought his mom and dad with him! 😉) and then,we too, will head over to the graduation party. The only family member with a quiet day so far is Miss Dee. No work for her today so she slept till 11:00 and is now sitting here painting her nails in preparation for the party later. What a life, huh!?

Having said all that, I must get myself moving now. Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well with you. What have you been up to this week? Please share! Oh, and don’t forget to stop by Nerd in the Brain so you can check out the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share!

{Willa’s answers: His horse was named Friday; the President, of course; It’s a math joke, he “rounds them up to 200” -get it? and; Your name😊}

16 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…6/3/17

  1. I remember how crazy things were during the last couple of weeks of school. The kids were ready for summer and so was the faculty. It couldn’t come soon enough!

  2. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I just turned this morning’s pot back on to heat again. My hat’s off to you, dear teacher 🙂
    We more or less had a week off from scheduled activities, but next week is full, full, full. Summer has it’s rise and fall too 🙂

    • Isn’t it. I wish she was brave enough to let her wonderful personality shine. Maybe someday! Enjoy your week too.

      • She will when she is older. Especially if she is surrounded by people who will build her self esteem. I know as I used to be like her 🙂

  3. That’s how I feel about my school supplies during the semester! I usually find them in odd places during the Summer. I recently found my stapler in the bathroom cabinet (I have no idea how it got there!).

    Also, I love these riddles! I didn’t get any of them right, however. I thought the second one was “Mr. White,” haha.

    • See, maybe strange forces are moving our supplies around too. I haven’t checked the bathroom cabinet yet! Glad you enjoyed the riddles and don’t feel bad, I didn’t get any of them either!

  4. Nice trick puzzles. Here is one from my childhood. Constantinople is a very hard to spell. Can you spell that? School endings are often exciting. Our schools are already out of field trips

    • Ah-ha! I know this one but only because someone tricked me with it before… The answer is T-H-A-T. Am I right?!😊 We do have trips coming up too. I hope the weather is nice for them. Thanks for stopping by.

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