If We Were Having Coffee…Rainy Sunday


If we we were having coffee…I would hurry you in out of the wet weather and quickly hand you a cup of something warm.  It’s really that kind of day. Yuck! It’s hard to complain though because yesterday and Friday were really nice.  I’m hoping we have left the truly frigid  weather behind. This afternoon I’m going to see a movie with a friend but for now I have some time to visit.

So what’s up? Has life been calm or stressful for you this week? I hope you found some time between all the “have to” for some “want to.” The D-man and I were fortunate enough to be able combine those two this Friday.  He “had to” go to Atlantic City for a workshop but we “wanted to” have a little get away so I tagged along!

Atlantic City is only about a fifty minute drive for us so we were able to leave right after work and get there in time to check in and walk around a bit before his first training session at 6:00.  We stayed at Ballys which is one of the older hotel/casinos in AC, built in 1979,  but I like vintage so it quite appealed to me. Our room was on the 20th floor and faced the ocean which was amazing! Also amazing was the opulent bathroom with gold faucets, a large soaking tub and another huge window looking out onto the beach!  Pretty fancy stuff for the likes of us but it’s fun to live large once in a while.  We were able to splurge because January is the off season, so room rates are very reasonable.

While D-man was busy learning stuff, I explored the area…and got lost.  The hotel is designed to be a huge winding maze mostly, it think, intended to lead you from one gambling area to the next.  I imagine Las Vegas is set up much the same way. All the nearby casinos and hotels are attached so I kept ending up in different ones.  There are also very few windows. It’s  like you’re in an alternate universe instead of just steps from the beach.  Another thing  I noticed is that the only places to sit down are in the bars, the resturants or the casinos.  They don’t want you relaxing somewhere that they can’t make any money! Not a problem for me because I got my frugal genes from my daddy. I don’t part with my money that easily!

I totally meant to take this duo photo of me in our room and the view outside!😊

Later on my handsome hubby and I had a late dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Pub next door at Caesars.  The food was really good (sea scallops served over risotto) and since our table looked out on the indoor mall so we were able to people watch while we ate.  This might not come as a surprise, but there is an incredibly eclectic populating hanging our in Atlantic City!  We really enjoyed imagining the stories behind some of the interesting people we saw, knowing that our own story was quite boring in comparison!

After dinner we wandered around checking out the different casinos (my favorite was a massive area set up to look just like an old fashioned western town, complete with saloons, poker tables and an elevated mine car track!) then headed back to our room to enjoy a night cap and the view.  The boardwalk below was glowing complete with a neon Ferris wheel and the lighted hotels stretched out all along the edge of the ocean. Even though I prefer my beaches much more natural, it was still breathtaking.

I felt only a little guilty the next morning, sleeping in while the D-man headed off to a morning workshop.  He’s an early riser anyway.  I lounged with my coffee, packed up and around 10:30 we headed back to reality.  After all that opulence, I felt like such a commoner shopping for groceries that afternoon!

So that was my mini adventure this week.  Now, we have some time for you to share yours

If we were having coffee…I would warm up your drink and get you something sweet to go with it. Then you could tell me all about it. Maybe you can just tell me in the comments below instead. 😉 Afterwards you should definitely hop on over to Eclectic Allie’s  and check out the rest of the Coffee Share Posts.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great week!


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  1. Yum yum, scallops atop risotto! 😛
    I’m glad you made it through the maze!
    I had a bear of a week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were out to get me, but Thursday was grand. Friday was too full, Saturday was too late. Sunday is my saving grace! 😀

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