If We Were Having Coffee…Lazy Saturday.


If we were having coffee…on this rainy Saturday, I would offer you a choice of French roast or caramel vanilla and put out a plate of cookies because for me, coffee is always accompanied by something sweet. Once we were tucked into the table, steamy cups between our palms, I would ask how you’ve been. I hope that you are well and that life has been interesting and somewhat stress free.

In return, you would probably ask about life around here. Well, for the most part we’ve been preparing for some upcoming family events..  Monday morning, our young Mr D will have his college graduation. I swear it seems like just last week that we were getting ready for his high school graduation but here we are, four years later, bachelor degree complete and real life on the horizon! I guess that’s just how time rolls. Miss Dee will also have a graduation this week. On Thursday she will have completed her two year associates degree and will be ready  for her second two years at a university up north. At the moment, she is at work, selling bridal gowns and he is in Cooperstown, New York with the baseball team he coaches. The boys on the team will be able to play a game on the field up there tomorrow but today they were checking out the Baseball Hall of Fame. Never been there myself but Mr D and my hubby have visited several times. I’d like to make a point of going someday. We talked about stopping on the way to Niagara Falls if we ever manage a trip up there! So many places to see!

So today, with the children scattered, the D-Man and I are left feeling very empty nest-ish. The cats are tolerating our presence but I’m sure they would rather have the house to themselves. After all, they are cats.  Oh, speaking of our feline family  members, I should introduce you to our newest….


Her name is Darby and this is her hangling out in the bathroom sink.  She does stuff like that. After we lost our sweet Jack back in September, his sister Chrissy seemed lonely so we adopted Dar-baby (as we’ve taken to calling her) from a local rescue organization.  She is a real sweetie but a bit mischievous, as you might have guessed.  So far she and Chrissy have a sort of  love/hate relationship, but I think the “love” half is winning out.

We humans in the house have been doing more than just laying in the sink all day, though. D-man spent the morning doing lawn work which is his usual M.O. for this time of year. I tried to explain that if he just stopped putting down seed and fertilizer, then he wouldn’t need to spend so much time mowing but I don’t think he sees my logic. It’s a man thing, I’m sure. As for me, I’ve just been puttering around here, doing laundry and switching over my closet. I did take a run to the pharmacy in search of some medicine. Lately, my head has been stuffed and my eyes have been itchy so I thought I might try some allergy medicine, even though seasonal allergies have never bothered me before. Apparently, the pollen count here in South Jersey is quite high right now so a lot of people are suffering.  However, after checking out the prices of the allergy pills available, I decided to just suffer in silence till the count goes back down!

All in all, today was pretty quiet. Tomorrow will be a much more interesting. We are going to see the the Avengers new movie Infinity War! I’m so stinking excited!! I’ve been avoiding all conversations and social media about it since the release last week because I didn’t want hear any spoilers. We stocked up on candy from the dollar store (because $5.00 for a box of Swedish Fish just ain’t happening) and reserved and prepaid our seats at the theater with the reclining seats. Miss Dee even pulled out her Captain America shirt to wear. I will be sure to tell you all about it if you come by for coffee again next week.

Now it’s your turn.

If we were having coffee, I would refill your cup and ask, “What have you been up to?” I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Thanks again for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the other Coffee Share Post at here  hosted by the amazing Allie.


12 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…Lazy Saturday.

  1. Darby is soooo cute! My cat, Theo, is a big boy and it never occurred to him to sleep in the bathroom sink. Actually, he’s a bit afraid of the bathroom … it’s the shower in particular … so he rarely goes in there.

    I have chronic allergy issues – including cats 😕 – so I survive on antihistamines. This year does seem worse than normal. I think it’s the late spring and everything is blooming on a crisis schedule. Lovely to see, not so great for the allergies.

  2. I’m very late to our coffee date and now would ask if you had any herbal teas, because it’s not long til bed.
    Darby is just precious. My girl cat also loves the sink.
    We’ve been out in the lawn a lot lately, too. We’re all medicated for our allergies, so no suffering. Sorry to read of yours!
    This summer is a good one, for our last two kids will be at their last school together next year, and that pleases us no end! We look forward to the future, and somewhere along the way, just us and pets 🙂

    • True, as the childrens’ lives evolve, so does that of my husband and I. We’ve been able to “couple” a lot more now. I’m so glad you stopped by no matter how late and I’m also glad I stocked up on herbal teas! 🙂

  3. Darby is adorable! I used to have a cat who slept in the sink and tried to drink the water drips. Congrats to your kids for their graduations! How exciting!

  4. Thank you for the coffee. It was delicious! I sense that even though the day is quiet, you have a lot of things to think about, with upcoming graduations and everything. My daughter is still young, 5, but I feel the bittersweet passing of time already. She’s not a baby anymore. Even though I am so incredibly proud of her accomplishments, the baby stage is over. I can imagine a similar, (but bigger?) feeling when you child actually graduates for real. It is something to not only attend College/University, but actually get a degree. You must be proud! Enjoy a wonderful day! Your newest family member is beautiful 🙂


    • Thank you so much for stopping by. You are correct about having a lot of thinking and remembering to do. Sleep last week did not come easily but the craziness is over now and I’m left wishing they were both five years old again so I could pull them into my lap for a cuddle! Each age does have its’ bittersweet moments, as you said, because as much as I’m missing their childhood, I’m equally proud and excited for them and whatever their future brings.

  5. Hi. Thank you for your news. I don’t usually accept American coffee but I’ll drink it if I can have it in your Avengers mug. We went and saw IW today with the Youngest Son because the Eldest and Middle made their own arrangements. I have just been emotionally discussing the whole thing with the Middle Son who just got out of the movie. Be prepared.
    I love Darby. She looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

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