If We Were Having Coffee…Sunshine Vs Snow

Good morning! If we were having coffee here in Southern New Jersey we would be enjoying brilliant sunshine and crisp Fall temperatures. I would fill your cup with some nice hot French roast and explain that I am AOK with the cold as long as that big yellow thing is in the sky. This is much better then the mess we had on Thursday! Our area was a blanket of snow accompanied by sleet, hale and wind. Yuck!! I don’t really mind snow just not this early in the season and not with all that other fun stuff. Nope, I am in a much better mood today. Believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted to share coffee with me a few days ago!


If we were having coffee…I would ask about your plans for today and tell you that my day is relatively free and that I’m quite ok with that. Having a somewhat introverted personality means that I relish schedule-free time. My brain and body relaxes. Miss Dee is very much an introvert as well. For example, this Monday she was on her way back up to school all prepared for a test in class Tuesday morning and a lot of studying and work before her next class Wednesday evening. However, when she stopped, ten minutes from home to fill up her gas tank, she received a text from her Tuesday professor explaining that he was stuck at the airport in Florida due to engine issues and would have to cancel class the next day, so she turned around and came right back home! She said she did a little happy dance in the front seat of her VW because, to an introvert, there is nothing better than canceled plans. Not everyone will understand that but I bet some of you will!

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I don’t think young Mr D will be enjoying his day off as much as I will. The children in his classroom have shared their germs and he is down with a head cold and some respiratory issues. This is on top an abscess tooth he had to have root canal on this Tuesday! I’m glad next week is a short one because he is going to need some time off. The D-man and I have been working in the school system for many years and have built up our resistance. Guess he still needs to build up a few more or, maybe change to a profession where people don’t sneeze or wipe their hands on you!

If we were having coffee…I would ask you if you were ready for a refill and maybe a piece of cheese danish? No homemade goodies today, I’m afraid, although the D-man is planning on making a white chocolate cranberry cheesecake for Thanksgiving. It sounds yummy! I’ll save a piece for you for our next coffee date. In the meantime, tell me about your week and then we can go visit the other Coffee Share Posts hosted by the wonderful Eclectic Allie. Relax! Put your feet up! I’ve got loads of time!

14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…Sunshine Vs Snow

  1. Thank you for that delicious coffee! I thoroughly enjoy some unplanned days, here and there. They usually mean that I read a lot, do some blogging, go on a spontaneous road trip, or hike. It’s the lack of “have to do this, or that” that are so invigorating. I often spend those days with my dog as only company. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. is it possible to have iced french roast hahahaha in my neck of the woods the big yellow thing is out in its yellow glory and trying to melt me into a hot mess

    Have an awesome week

    • Lol! I actually feel guilty complaining about the winter weather when I was complaining about the heat not so long ago! Keeping those sweltering days in mind, I will be sure to keep some iced tea/coffee ready for your visits.

      • hahahaha funny how how in winter you actually wish it were hot thinking at least when its hot I could have a cool dip in the pool and when its hot you be wishing it were cold thinking hey at least you could you could curl up with a warm blanket a hot roast and a good book lol

  3. Hi Nancy, I’m so envious. I’d love about 2 weeks to rewind, unwind, whatever. So, do you like to read and laugh. If so, I have some stories to share to help you endure the downtime. My project is producing short (<2000 word) stories of growing up in a rural town about an hour north of San Francisco. I go for vivid imagery, humorous retelling with a touch of nostalgia. If you poor husband would enjoy some reason to recall his own years in school or young professional life, I may have just the ticket for him. Anyway, I loved that someone else out there would dance at cancelled plans. I had a customer meeting about 90 minutes from home a while back with a guy I really like, but when I got his text message that he had to cancel when I was only 30 minutes away, I rejoiced the whole 60 minutes back that this wanabe recluse just got an extra hour to himself…
    Thanks for the visit and I hope you stop by my coffee share or story collection soon. Blessings.

  4. It’s time for hot tea, here in my world. I think I am developing an allergy to coffee, since I am getting a rash inside my mouth, lately, when I have a cup of it. (It’s either the coffee or the hazelnuts or the dark chocolate. I am going to try figuring out which.) Hope you are able to take the time needed to relax and recover. Best wishes!

  5. You lost me after “white chocolate cranberry cheesecake” 🤪HAHA- if that turns out amazing, can you share the recipe? It sounds like..wow!

  6. Down time is always good. i do have to keep moving though, at least in my own quiet way. I hope your weekend is going well and that you have a great (short) week next week!

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