If We Were Having Coffee…Prelude to Summer.


If we were having coffee on this fine breezy morning in Southern New Jersey, I would probably start off with “Hey, remember me?!” It’s been a while since my last coffee post or any post of any kind.  Why return now, you might ask? Well I work in an elementary school and because that wonderful thing called “summer break” is almost upon us, I now find myself with more time to do fun stuff, like blog writing and blog reading.  I can’t wait to catch up with the many things that have been going on with you all!

So lets chat! What’s been up with you?

Seen any good movies lately? (went to see ENDGAME few weeks ago. LOVED IT!!! It needs an entire post of it’s own so stay tuned).

Read any good books? (Just finished “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. Excellent read.  I highly recommend.)

Gone on any new adventures? (Hubby and I are in the midst of planning a trip to New Orleans to celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary which was on May 21st. The trip will happen in November when the weather is more agreeable!)


This cutie is enjoying having us around more too. She is such a social cat that I think she might be part dog!!!

How’s life been treating you and your family? Our family is doing well.  Mr D is wading his way through “adulting,” working in one of our neighborhood schools and taking classes towards getting his certification to teach special education. He was also best-man in his friend’s wedding a few weeks ago which was fun for all of us to see!

Miss Dee has bravely conquered her junior year of college and is enjoying her well earned break.  She has also started seeing an anxiety counselor which is really helping her get a hold of her stress levels. It is helping her focus on all the wonderful things about her like her creativity and compassion. Having all her friends back home for the summer really adds to her joy as well!

As for the D-Man and I, with the kids no longer being kids, we are enjoying more and more  time as a couple including a weekend at the beach and dinners at new resturants.  I think it’s shaping up to be a pretty good summer around here.  I hope the same holds true at your house.

I’m off to read some other Coffee Share Posts. Stop by and visit Eclectic Alie, see what she is up to and visit the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share.



14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…Prelude to Summer.

  1. Hi Nancy – yes, I’ll echo a “Welcome Back”. It sounds like you guys are living the dream too. Family life settling down, summer finally catching some traction, books to read, restaurants to check out, blogs to explore. Fun stuff all. I hope to see you at Alli’s virtual get together each weekend and maybe even have you check out some of my short stories on my story blog. I can pretty much guarantee a decent laugh.
    Glad you came back to join the fun.

  2. Hi Nancy, so nice to see your post! Sounds like things are going well for you. Happy to hear that you and hubby get to enjoy some couple time together again. 💗

  3. Welsome back. Hurray for summer break. Have awesome oysters in the Big Easy.

  4. Summer vacation is a great time to catch up with everything! I will work in my gardens and write and read blogs. Happy 25 th Anniversary! We are a year behind you, 24 years in August! You will have a great time in New Orleans!🎉🎉🎉

  5. Crawdads, it was such an enjoyable read but it took me a bit to get I to it. Summer break sounds awesome, I still have to wait four weeks for mine… Enjoy!

    • You are right, it did take a bit to get into. I thought the passages describing the marsh and the wetland and the creatures living in there were beautifully written. Made me want to visit!😊 Thanks for visiting.

  6. Wow, it has been a while. Glad all seems to be well with you. Happy Anniversary. New Orleans is a great place, though I’m guessing better in the late fall than the heat of the summer! Have a great week!

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