If We Were Having Coffee…Busy mornings!

Happy Sunday morning!

If we were having coffee I would welcome you up onto the porch and hand you a cup of French roast coffee or whatever beverage you preferred. There’s lemonade, tea or crisp cold ice water. We are looking at a sunny Sunday here in Southern New Jersey with a high of 79 degrees. Perfect!! I’m enjoying it while I can before the stifling humidity returns.

How has your week been? We’ve been slogging our way through the last two weeks of school, trying to keep a lid on the students building excitement and maybe get a little bit of learning done as well. It’s been a bit of a challenge! I may need to give myself several pep talks just to get through this final week.😊

Thursday morning, some of our fifth grade students put on a talent show for the rest of the school. There were only 9 acts but they ranged from dancing or singing to comedy and karate! I give each one kudos for being brave enough to perform (I’m a behind the scenes girl myself.) It was a fun way for us to start the day and a fun way for them to cap off their time in elementary school before moving on to middle school.

Friday morning I accompanied the third grade class and teacher on their annual walking tour of our town. The final social studies topic for that grade is always about communities including founding and development of ours. The culmination of that is a visit to the many places we’ve learned about. I love that we live in a town that is walkable and has an actual Main Street with a library, small stores, restaurants and police station/borough hall. We toured the police station and the local museum and checked out some other landmarks including our Veterans Park and an old stone horse watering basin that still stands just next to where the railroad station used to be. The students really enjoyed the trip and behaved very well.

Saturday morning Miss Dee and I went shopping for new kitchen appliances which was fun. Mine are all over 15 years old and showing serious wear. The D-man and I decided last month to take out a small loan in order to do some updating around here. New counter tops (our current ones are red laminate, straight out of the 80s!) and appliances are the big purchases. Ahh, to have an oven that actually keeps the proper temperature and a dishwasher with a door that doesn’t drop down spontaneously scaring the sh#% out of us and the cat. I’m simply tingling with anticipation!

Miss Dee thinks I might get nostalgic and start missing the red counter tops. I’m not so sure….

That’s the thing about home ownership, isn’t it, there is always something that needs fixing or updating. I’ve got a list of other summer projects as well. I guess we will see how much of it gets accomplished. Usually something has to really start bugging me before I’m willing to spend money on it. I’m kind of cheap, and the fact that no money is coming in during the summer makes me even cheaper!😊

So now it Sunday morning and you might wonder what my plan is for today. Well, after all those busy mornings, I think that this one will be spent sitting on the deck, reading a book or working on some art work. That sounds just about perfect, like the weather! I’m so glad you could join me for a chat. You should run on over to Eclectic Alli and visit with the rest of the Coffee Share crew. I’m sure they’re serving up some great conversation as well.

9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…Busy mornings!

  1. Nancy, it seems like forever since we shared a coffee. Well, tea for me. I’m still picky about my coffee. Don’t hate me but I love your red benchtops. It’s always exciting when you get new appliances. I still remember the thrill of installing a new electric oven instead of the old gas oven/griller. Just the fact I could feel secure to put a casserole in the oven and go out and pick up the kids from school was a blessing. (I was never game to leave a gas oven on when I wasn’t in the house.) Enjoy your end of year activities (it’s so weird you have ‘end of year’ school activities when it isn’t actually the end of the year calendar-speaking) and the pending summer holidays.

    • I’m so glad you stopped by! It has been a while but I’m trying to do better.:) I actually don’t mind the red on the counters just the fact that they show every crumb or speck of dust and that they have thirty years of scratches! And yes, having a reliable oven is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the good wishes.

  2. I know the feeling about having a long list of home improvements and updating. Sadly, this spring it was our roof. While I enjoy having a sound roof, it is certainly one of the most unsatisfying home expenditures there is.

  3. Hi Nancy, good to see you back for another visit. Here in the California wine country, we seemed to have had a very short spring and are already getting solid summer weather. Google is predicting 92 degrees today. This is bad news for a guy who starts feeling hot and cranky down in the low 80s.
    I may end up spending the day in front of a fan reading or writing. Thanks for the visit.

    • Thanks. I don’t mind the look of the counters as much as the lack of practicality. The red shows everything and is covered with thirty years of scratches. It is the end of an era though!😊

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