If We Were Having Coffee…2/8/20: Wind Storms and Scholars


I’m so glad you stopped by and I’m also very glad that the sun has stopped by as well. It feels like it’s been raining for years around here! I don’t even mind the chillier temperature. In fact, since it is February and we are in the northern hemisphere, “chilly” is absolutely correct and expected.

Let me get you some coffee and a nice fresh baked donut that my husband just brought back from his morning walk. I’m always pleased when his walks take him past the bakery! Pull up a chair. Let’s chat.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you if you experienced any of the crazy weather patterns floating around yesterday? Here in Southern New Jersey we were treated to some hurricane strength winds and possible tornado activity that sent all of the adults and students in our schools into a “Shelter In Place” situation. What that means is that we all needed to move someplace safe, in this particular case that meant the interior hallways where we were away from any windows, and continue our day as best we could. Some of the students were, understandable, bit alarmed but our Principal and the rest of we adults did our best to downplay the situation and keep them focused on other tasks. Luckily, we had the forethought to grab their laptops when we left the classroom so they were able to work on some of their writing projects and math websites. Finally, after about an hour, the warning was lifted and we were able to go back into our class. Fortunately, none of the more severe weather came too close to us. There were towns near the coast (about 45 minutes south) that were hit much harder. I don’t remember having quite so many excessive weather systems when I was young. Perhaps it’s just that we can track them better but I suspect that Global Warming is the real cause.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that we have a sad social occasion this weekend. My son’s girlfriend Miss K, lost her grandmother last week and her memorial service is tomorrow evening. We never had the chance to meet her grandmother, who sounds like a very sweet lady, but Miss K and Mr D have been together for several years and we are quite friendly with her parents so we will certainly stop by to show our respects. I’m always so happy to see evidence of the fine young man my son has grown into whenever situations like this occur. He took it upon himself to purchase a nice plant and a card for her family the night after it happened. Then he spent the evening at her parent’s house talking with them and helping them with any thing he could. He is a really good person to have around in tough situations, just like his dad.

Speaking of the D-man…

If we were having coffee..I would probably brag a bit and tell you that my husband has started teaching a graduate course at our nearby university. The course is in school counseling, which is what he does for a living. It is attended by students in their final semesters doing their in-school internships. He is running an evening class once a week and also supervising the student in their placements schools. I’m pretty proud of him and so happy that he is being recognized for the amazing work he has been doing in the school system for the past 20 years. I’ve always thought he would make an excellent educator. Anyone who has the patience to counsel middle school students, with their raging hormones and tendency for drama as well as aid families in crisis and student in sad and difficult situations all these years and not lose their mind, must have the capacity for anything! Now the graduate students in his class will benefit from his years of experience as well.

If we were having coffee…I would probably glance over at the clock and realize that my Saturday has begun without me! Time to “shake a leg” as my mother would have said.

I’ve certainly enjoyed catching up with you. You should definitely stop by our host blog Eclectic Ali and visit the rest of my Coffee Share friends.

Have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…2/8/20: Wind Storms and Scholars

  1. Nancy it is wonderful to read about your son and how he handled the situation so thoughtfully. As a parent you have done something amazing being a part of that young man’s upbringing. Thank you so much for the coffee!

  2. Congratulations to your husband. That is quite a feat – and I love that the university has chosen someone who has plenty experience in the field to teach.

  3. Hi Nancy. Great to have you back for a virtual coffee visit. Wow – on your weather. I can’t think of a time when I went through something like you described. New Jersey may just be too much for this old guy – and I tend to love adverse weather. The weather in our part of California is just plain boring most of the time.

    We have a really nice tree in our front yard that we planted many years ago and now it’s over 40 tall and spread so wide that it shades much of our front yard. We love it. But just 3 and 2 years back, it caught a nasty infestation with a certain type of black aphid that almost killed our tree. I fought the critters and finally killed them all off I hope. But this year, we had our once/year strong wind and – wow – I could not believe how many small dead branches our tree still had way up high. I spent part of yesterday with a double length extension pole knocking many more of these dead branches down so they could not fall down and surprise a visitor.

    Other than this, we just get rain.

    Your life is much more interesting I see.

    Thanks for the visit.

    • I think your trees are more interesting than ours!
      The winds do make me nervous sometimes. A few years ago we had a huge tree taken out of our yard. It hung over the house and was in pretty bad shape. Now everytime we get a wind storm, I am thankful that tree is gone!

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