Extremely Puzzling

Welcome! Here we are well into our third week of self-isolation. I feel so fortunate that my family and friends are safe and well fed and that the only challenge we have is finding ways to fill our time. We’ve been doing pretty well so far. My daughter and I lean towards “introvert” so we are more content than the men but they too have found ways to keep busy with movies and walks and little projects.

Last week, in search of a diversion, I was rummaging around in the Attic and came across this:

This belonged to my mother originally. I brought it home when my sisters and I were cleaning out and dividing up mom’s things after she passed away. She and I both had a love of trivia and puzzles so this was right up our alley and we did attempt to finish it back when it was new. However, this particular puzzle proved too much for us and we were never able to quite finished it. We could have used the poster that came with it but that didn’t seem fair. Some of the quotes were so obscure that we eventually gave up.

Luckily, Miss Dee and I now have the advantage of Google!

Yes, I admit, we cheated. That “enclosed poster with all the answers” has long since disappeared and some of these quotes are really challenging. For example:

“She believed in nothing; only her scepticism kept her from being an atheist”

Perhaps there are some of you out there who could easily attribute that saying to Jean-Paul Satre but I’m just a chick from Jersey with a degree in Fine Art. This guy is way outside my range of knowledge. I did great on the movie quotes and D-man and Mr D were a big help when it came to American Wars or Politics. Miss Dee even figured out some of the more current quotes but since the puzzle was copy written in 1994, four years before she was born “current” was a relative term.

Whatever method we used, we still had fun matching the quotes with the proper person and it has provided a great distraction, helping to fill some of the unstructured hours. We even learned some new stuff. Now we are down to fitting the actual pieces together, harder than you would think since they are all the same size and you only have slivers of images on the edges to try and match up. It may get to the point where we give up and move on but for now I’ve been adding a piece here and there. Who knows, with at least another month in front of us, we might get it finished.

What’s been keeping you busy?


10 thoughts on “Extremely Puzzling

  1. What a fun puzzle! I’ve been busy taking care of my two year old grandson, since his daycare is closed and his parents must work from home. So when this is over, that’s when I’ll be able to do a puzzle…LOL!

  2. Nancy, I’m strangely flat out at home. I started a huge research project late last year and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and now I’ve got the A-Z Challenge during April. I also have the rest of our family at home. Not a lot of down time here. I’m also trying to keep in touch with people, which takes a bit of time as well. However, I’m used to spending a lot of time at home so this isn’t all that different for me, except I can’t see my parents and there’s that stress level.
    Hope you’re keeping well.
    Best wishes,

    • I’m a homebody too but I am starting to miss the option of leaving the house! Mostly I’m glad to be safe and healthy with my family around. I can understand missing your parents though. Both of mine have passed away but I do have elderly in-laws and two older sisters in the area so I worry about them. Take care.

      • Thanks very much, Nancy. Yes, I’m feeling a bit stir crazy today and think I’d get out for a walk. Should’ve gone earlier in the week as it’s raining today, but at least there’s less chance of bumping into anyone, especially the virus!
        Best wishes,

  3. Puzzles are sold out everywhere. I guess they’ve made a comeback of sorts. Keeping busy with walks, reading, cleaning up and working outside when weather permits. Sooner or latter, (probably later) this will pass. Stay safe.

  4. That’s a very cool puzzle. I am conquering all the laundry, even the things to be washed and stored for the season. I also cleaned out the medicine cabinet. Tomorrow, only the reading of the books. Stay safe!

    • Sounds like you are being very productive. I too am reading quite a bit and trying to do a bit of cleaning each day. Take care.

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