If We Were Having Coffee 4/19/20: Shelter In Place

Good morning!

If we were having coffee…this Sunday, it would be virtual no matter what since we are still in seclusion. Luckily, we’ve been sharing virtual coffee for years so we’re well aquatinted with the concept. Today we have nice strong French Roast or tea if you prefer. My wonderfully hubby, who bakes when he’s bored, made some chocolate and white chocolate Chip cookies last night that are to die for! Please take a few and tell me what you’ve been up to.

If we were having coffee... I would share that we’ve had an anxious week since we heard last Saturday that my father-in-law had unfortunately contracted the Coronavirus. The hospital checked him over, making sure his lungs and blood count looked good and since he was not coughing or having shortness of breath they sent him home to recuperate. He is over 70 and has diabetes but otherwise is active and in good health and seems to be on the road to recovery, thank goodness. Our worry now is that his wife and the other’s in his house will start to show signs of being sick too. So far so good. This is especially important since his step-daughter, her husband and their 3 year old son came to stay with them when all this craziness started thinking that his rural neighborhood would be safer than their city appartment. Irony at it’s worst.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that those of us in this house, fortunately are doing well health wise. We are also fortunate because since my husband, my son and I are all school employees we are able work from home and still have an income. My only trips out have been to the grocery store every two weeks or so. It’s a very stressful outing. I don my mask and rush through the the aisles grabbing the things we must have. I’m usually exhausted the rest of the day just from the anxiety. I don’t think it’s that I’m so afraid of becoming infected, since our numbers in this area of NJ are thankfully very low, but more that I feel guilty being out, like I shouldn’t be leaving my house at all. I realize that’s not rational but it just goes to show the mental state I’m in!

If we were having coffee…I would share that one good thing that has come from all this time at home is that I am creating lots of artwork and learning many new techniques. I’m hoping to amass enough inventory to open an Etsy store. Here are some samples. What do you think?

Pinterest and YouTube have become my life lines! There are so many talented artists willing to share their ideas.

If we were having coffee…I would ask how you have been spending your days during this unusual time. I hope you have found a way to stay positive and connected. Please visit our host EcleticAli an catch up with some other bloggers sharing coffee, see what’s been happening in their world.

Thanks for stopping.  Take care, Be well.


12 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee 4/19/20: Shelter In Place

  1. I think your art is very good and you should definitely try to open an Etsy store! And don’t feel guilty for feeling so stressed when you go out of your home. This pandemic and lock downs are effecting us all mentally, and we just have to let ourselves feel what we feel. I do wish that the key words for the campaign were “Social Distance” rather than “Stay at Home,” though. Because we can’t all stay at home 24/7, and then we do have the stress of feeling that we’re doing something horrible when we have to go get groceries or medicine, or in the case of many people, go to work.

  2. Hi Nancy, I’m visiting from the Weekend Coffee Share link up. Sorry to hear your father-in-law had contracted the coronavirus. I wish him and everyone in your family well. Your artwork is beautiful. I hope you get to open your etsy shop. Have a nice Sunday!

  3. It is stressful! I haven’t been to the store in three weeks, but will go this week. Before the shelter in place, I was going quickly and getting what I needed as fast as I could. I will continue that, I’m sure. Hope the family all gets better and the rest stay safe.

    Your artwork is lovely. I would totally buy the woman in yellow piece. I’m not kidding.

    • Thanks so much for the Art feedback! I really appreciate it. I’m thinking of calling that one “Fashionably Late.” 🙂 If I do get my shop up and running I’ll let you know.

  4. It is stressful that the virus are starting to affect our loved ones. I feel with you as I have some friends that are struggling at the moment. I am still working, since the schools here are open, but starting tomorrow we are having all lessons outdoors! I like that idea, safer for everyone. I just have to be more creative. I’ve written some kind of plan, but I need ot work more on it as we go. Thank you for the coffee. I wish you all the best for the coming week. ❤

    • Good luck with your new adventure in teaching this week! Being a teacher is all about creativity anyway, right? 🙂 Be well.

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