Me and My Sad Little Cell Phone

IMG_1543Yesterday, I was three aisles into my weekly grocery shopping trip, when I realized that I had left my list laying on the counter at home. This occurs quite frequently so Miss Dee was not at all surprised when I called home and asked her to read it off to me. I finished my call and looked up to find an elderly gentleman  a few feet away smiling at me. He held up the smart phone in his hand and said,

“You should put your list on your phone. Then you would never forget it. That’s what I do.” I held up my own dinosaur of a phone and told him that I didn’t think mine had that capability. He shook his head frowning.

“Well, I guess it’s time you got yourself a new phone!” He nodded his head and headed off down the aisle.

I was chuckling as I started off in the other direction. My kids are always telling me how technically challenged I am but this was the first time I was showed up by an octogenarian! I hadn’t bothered to tell him that even if my phone did have a list app I would still write one out by hand because I’m a pen and paper kind of girl!

I was also thinking how great it was that this gentleman was so tech savvy. Many seniors are intimidated or scared to death by all the new gadgets out today. My mother stubbornly refused to learn how to use a computer and many of her friends were the same way but here was someone of their generation who had not only embraced technology but used it to his advantage! That’s a guy who knows the secret to staying young. Guess I might need to step up my game!

You know, however that I will not be sharing this story with my children. They would never let me live it down!!


H is for Hindsight

hindsight (noun): recognition of the realities, possibilities, or requirements of a situation, event, decision etc., after its occurrence.

Hmmmm…. that’s a word. Who among us hasn’t thought “If I knew then what I know now…”?

Before I married the Love of My Life 21 years ago, I had a short marriage that I often refer to as “the rehearsal marriage”. We were both young and got married for the wrong reasons. You know the story. Still…

In hindsight, maybe the car accident we had on the way home from the rehearsal dinner was a sign that the marriage was a bad idea.  It was just a fender bender, no one was hurt but still…

In hindsight, perhaps the hurricane that showed up during our honeymoon and closed down Disney World was meant as a sign that the marraige was a disaster waiting to happen, but after spending the night in the airport we made it home okay…

I’m sure there were more things I should have noticed but, in hindsight, that marraige is part of who I am and everything that happened to me just led me to where I am today so why second guess it.

What are your “hindsight moments”?

G is for Girlfriends

I have four girlfriends that I’ve known for most of my life. Three I met freshman year of high school, the third I met in sixth grade. I might have met that one sooner but she used to throw dirt balls at me whenever I rode my bike past her house. I think she was jealous of my green bike with the banana seat and the sissy bar but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, after being inseparable through high school, we all went off to college or jobs then life took over and BAM it’s almost 40 years later.

One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I took inventory of our collective lives. These are some of the things I came up with:

Between us we have about 18 years of college.Two of us work in education, one in nursing and two in finance.

We’ve had a total of 5 weddings but only four of us have been married. Two of us have been divorced, one remarried and one widowed.

Between us we have 12 beautiful children including a sweet little girl who was adopted from Guatemala.

Two of us have traveled to Europe, four to Bermuda, and two to Mexico and of course we all love “The Shore” because we are, after all, Jersey girls!

We’ve had our triumphs and we’ve had losses and we have loved and supported each other through all of it. When I tell people that I still have the same girlfriends that I had in high school sometimes they’re impressed. I’m impressed too because the older we get the harded it’s become to keep in touch. But we have and I’m proud of that.

Girlfriends rock!

My Classroom is Under Water

Okay, it’s not really under water. It’s just very, very, very damp. The water has since receded. It always does eventually. This is what happens when you work on the lower level (read “basement”) of a school built in 1923. I’ve worked in this classroom for nine years with a very gifted, and very patient special education teacher. This is the fourth time in those nine years that the classroom has flooded. Each time matience attempts to fix the problem, dries out the carpet and we move back in. Each time this wonderful teacher loses more of her materials to water damage, most of which she has purchased with her own money.

This, most recent flood was the worst yet and the principal has put her foot down. We will not be moving back in until a professional is brought in to fix the problem for good. If you Understand how slowly things move in the public school system, then you know that we will not be moving back in during this school year.

In the meantime, we have been shuffled sideways into a smaller windowsless classroom that was occupied by our reading specialist, (she is now working in the conference room off the main office). The contents of our classroom are piled in boxes along one wall and down the hallway. The 8 second and third graders that come and go during the day usually sit on the floor for lessons because there aren’t enought desks or chairs for all of them.

Sound like fun? Our new mantra has become “It is what it is”. We have to sit on the floor with clip boards? Let’s pretend we’re camping! We need to search through the boxes for a book? Let’s call it a treasure hunt! We need to go out in the hall to have room to play a game? It’s a field trip!!! Each day has become an adventure all its own! But there is still learning going on and that’s the important thing, right? Not only are these children keeping up with their math and reading but they are also learning the science of adaptability! The art of making do!  The language of simplification!  That’s actually a pretty cool thing!