If We Were Having Coffee….11/22/15

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If we were having coffee….you might notice that I am getting a much later start than I do most Sunday mornings. That is because my sinuses decided to attack me first thing this morning and it has taken me this long (hot coffee followed by a long hot shower and a good dose of medicine) to feel human again!  Still, I am so glad you stopped by and I don’t at all mind a chance to chat and enjoy another cup of coffee. So please, tuck in and tell me about your week.  To go with our coffee (or your beverage of choice) we can enjoy some of my husband’s yummy baked goods or some left over birthday cake from my great-nephew’s 1st birthday celebration.

If we were having coffee…you might exclaim,”Oh! That must be the famous “Bubble Guppy themed party you have telling me about during my other Sunday visits!” That would be a correct assumption.  Miss D and I spent a crazy morning yesterday helping my sister and niece get things ready for the arrival of the 30 plus guests.  They did all the really hard work like the cleaning and cooking.  We just swooped in and brought it all together.  The seven children at the party really enjoyed the photo booth cut outs we made and the games were a big hit.  In typical one year old fashion, Squish decided to fall asleep just as the guests were arriving so he missed the beginning of his own party but we woke him in time for cake and gifts so he didn’t seem to mind!

I was very glad that it all worked out and my sister and niece seemed pleased with the results. The men in the family were just glad it was over so the women would stop obsessing over it! I was also very glad to get home! My introverted personality was ready for some peace and quiet.  Poor Hubby was hoping we could go see the new James Bond movie last night but I didn’t think I could handle all the noise and action after such a noisy action packed day!! Maybe next weekend.

If we were having coffee…I might mention that this week marked the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing.  As a result, I’ve spent more time than usual consciously taking note of all the little things in my life that can be traced back to her….saying of hers that now spill naturally from my lips, the way I prepare certain foods and the way I fold sheets, things I’ve taught my children about life and polite behavior.

Yesterday, at the birthday party, I noticed how much my oldest sister is starting to resemble our mom.  Another person even commented on it to me. I could see mom’s shadow in the way she stood,  many of the gestures she made, even her manner of speaking and the things she worries about. Mom’s last years were difficult at times and on days when she was making us particularly crazy, we would taunt each other about how someday we would probably be just like her. Back then it was said with foreboding, but I think now, if I told her how much she reminds me of Mom, she wouldn’t mind.  I know I don’t.

Well, If we were having coffee..I would tell you that I think I have used up my leisure time for this morning and I know you probably have much to accomplish this Sunday as well so I guess we should say our goodbyes.  I would thank you for stopping by and wish you a pleasant week, I hope you will stop by next Sunday so we can share our Thanksgiving experiences. Be well!!