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If We Were Having Coffee…6/24/17


If we were having coffee…I would hurry you in and start off by appologizing for my slightly disheveled appearance. At 6:30 this morning we were awaken to beeping cell phones issuing a tornado warning! Not the most relaxing way to start the day. Luckily, though the conditions were favorable, no tornados actually formed. Miss Dee and I sat in the basement family room watching the news untill the warning expired. The D-Man, who is much more of a thrill seeker, watched from the den window. Mr D never even made it out of bed. Pretty sure he could sleep through most anything.

Anyway, at this point in time, hours later, as I fill your cup with some nice strong French roast and offer you a donut, the skies have cleared. Young Mr D has left for work, D-Man has headed back to bed and Miss Dee having just climbed back out of bed herself, is watching YouTube videos. She will be off to work in a few hours herself. I really kind of love this time of year when hubby and I stay home and the kids go off to make a living. Ahhh, good times….

A cloudy view of the Freedom Tower as seen from Hoboken

If we were having coffee…we could catch up with each other’s past few weeks. I don’t know about you but mine have been quite busy! We finished up the school year (hooray) on the 16th, then spent the next day visiting D-man’s step-sister in Hoboken celebrating my father-in-law’s 75th birthday. Torrential downpours made the  drive a bit of a challenge but eventually the family was able to gather for a very nice lunch, wishing him well and fussing over new baby Asher, just two months old.

Beach selfie!

Sunday was a day of rest as well as laundry and packing because on Monday Miss Dee and I headed for the shore.  For the past three summers we have kicked off our break by having a Mother/daughter get-away at the beach. The weather this year was perfect. Sunshine, sand, lounging outdoors by the sea! Totally rejuvenating.  Mr D and his lady friend came to visit one day and we all went out for a lovely seafood dinner.

Full STEAM ahead!

On Thursday we found ourselves back home, unpacking and, again, doing laundry!  Then on Friday, AKA yesterday, I was up early finishing up my STEAM Camp props so that I could deliver them for set up. The airplane board just barely fit in my car but made it to the site unscathed. I spent an hour or so aiding in the set up then rushed off to do the grocery shopping. D-Man and I finished up the day enjoying the perfect weather while watching the team of middle schoolers that Mr D coaches play baseball.

That brings us full circle…back to this morning’s 6:30AM tornado warning…

Like I said….Whew!!!!

So if we were having coffee…I would now lean back and ask “How was your week?” I hope it was fun and eventful, low on stress and high on comfort. The day here is shaping up to be sunny and warm so stay a while. Let’s chat. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by Nerd in the Brain so you can check out the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share!


If We Were Having Coffee….5/20/17

If we were having coffee…I would ask you to come in, sit down, relax, move those empty grocery bags out of you way. I had to run to the supermarket this morning, not my favorite thing on a Saturday but my family was bellyaching about the lack of food around here. Yeash! So demanding!!😊

Anyway, shopping done, bathroom clean, laundry later. Time to chat. What’s up with you? How is the weather in your area?  It’s been mighty hot here. I thought I was melting at school yesterday. Not good for student (or teacher) concentration. The classroom I work in is air conditioned but the halls and the lunchroom are not so all day long it was like… cool-hot-cool-hot! My menopausal system can’t take temperature changes like that!

If we were having coffee… I might tell you that hubby and I are heading out to dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary (23 years!) and that he also has another stop in mind for us afterward but he won’t tell me what. Hmm?  That man likes his surprises. I will let you know next week, unless, of course, it’s not a “G” rated trip then I will keep it to myself. 😉It’s hard to believe we’ve been married that long but then it’s also hard to remember a time before he was about.  Since we still seem to like each other quite a bit, I guess I’ll keep him around a while longer.

Tomorrow, we will have a BBQ with the kids and hang out around here. This will be our first BBQ of the season so I’m looking forward to it.

Also, tomorrow, my brother-in-law is dropping off  this lovely secretary desk that originally belonged to my husband’s grandmother.

He and his wife are moving to a smaller home in June so this family heirloom is coming to live with us now. I’m very excited to have it.  I think it’s pieces like this with so much sentiment value that help a house feel more like a home. We already have a lovely old hutch in our kitchen that my in-laws bought over 50 years ago when they were first married. It feels important to keep these item in the family and I think my mother-in-law appreciates it too.

Well, it’s time to go do some “stuff!” Hope your weekend is great and thanks for stopping by. Hop on over to visit Emily at Nerd in the Brain too so you can check out the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share.

If We Were Having Coffee…5/6/17

If we were having coffee this morning… I would probably start off with, “Remember me?” It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to sit and create a post of any kind or visit those of my blog friends. I’ve no excuse. My mind and life were just heading in a different direction for a bit, but now as I sit here lingering over my French Roast, breathing in the cool spring air blowing through the screen door I feel the need for a bit of a chat so….

First, as an update, in my last Coffee Share I was pretty excited that our family was awaiting the arrival of two new baby boys. Both have arrived healthy and strong- Chase, my niece’s son, we were able to meet on Easter (I was quite annoyed that I had to put him down in order to actually serve dinner!), and Asher, my husband’s step-sisters baby, only three weeks old now and who we hope to meet very soon.

If we were having coffee…I would fill your cup, offer a chair and ask, “How ya been?” Stuff has been hopping here in Southern New Jersey. Aside from babies being born, both of my own kids (is it ok to still refer to my college age children as ‘kids?’) have been cramming for finals. Mr D’s text responses have been tense one word answers so I know he is feeling overwhelmed and Miss Dee has spread her laptop and books from one end of the kitchen to the other, taking only short breaks to sleep and eat! Wednesday  is the magic day when they can both breath again. She will head to the movies with friends to celebrate and maybe my son will stop by to visit (although first he will probably spend an evening celebrating at the pub near campus).

The D-man and I, both working for the public school system, have been navigating the PARCC test. For those unfamiliar, this is  the standardized assessment test that  students are required to take, here in NJ and several other states. My personal assessment is that it is a colossal waste of time and a real pain in the A#%, but no one has asked me. 😊

My poor hubby has it much worse than me though because at his school, he is the guy running the test so he has to do all the preparation and pray that the logistic and technology all cooperate. Of course it didn’t. The computers had a major glitch on day one, putting them a day behind to start then the fire alarm was accidentally triggered on day two requiring the whole school to evacuate till the source was discovered, then on the final day all the programs were moving so slow that it took some students 20 minutes just to sign in to the site! He still has make ups next week but he treated himself to a day off on Friday, spending it down the shore with a friend. I think I would have needed more than one day!!

If we were having coffee…I might tell you how excited I am for this summer’s STEAM Camp (science, technology, engineering, art and math). It will be run, again, by my friend Jill who is a fifth grade teacher at the school where I work. She and, another friend, Karen, the third grade teacher, started the camp last summer and it was so successful that we will be doubling it and doing two weeks this time round. The themes are “World Travel” and “Sports Science.” In addition to working at the actual camp, they have commissioned me once again to make the props that enhance each week’s theme. This is the first one done:

The windows are cut out so the children can stand behind and get their photos taken as they enter camp the first day. Next I’m working on a “passport” that will act as their name tag throughout the week. I find it really fun and relaxing to have a creative project to work on during my free time.

Well, if we were having coffee…I would probably notice the time and realize that I need to get myself moving. I bought some herbs and would like to plant them in pots outside today. We also have some bushes in serious need of a trim then the D-man and I have tickets to the Philadelphia Phillies game tonight. Love me some springtime baseball!⚾️

Oh, One more thing…

If we were having coffee… I would remind you to visit Nerd in the Brain so that you can enjoy the rest of the Coffee Share Posts. May the rest of your weekend be super-fantastic! I hope you are able to surround yourself with the people and things you love the most.

If We Were Having Coffee…3/11/17

If we were having coffee…I would (quickly) welcome you in and slam the door right behind you. There is a fridge wind fighting to get in this morning and I am determined to keep him at bay. I feel as if the March Lion is doing battle with the March Lamb. We are expecting a snow storm on Tuesday here in southern New Jersey so I guess the Lion still has control at least till then. Personally, I’m more than ready for Spring!

Nevermind the weather. Come in. Sit down. I have coffee or tea or hot chocolate ready to warm your bones. You might notice that I am using my very cool  Friends “CENTRAL PERK” mug that Miss Dee gave me for my birthday this past December. As you can see, it’s very large so I only use it on the weekends when I have unlimited coffee time. There are lots of other cool mugs for you to choose from; two Marvel Avengers , a Hershey Park (the sweetest place on Earth), another from Disney World, or Miss Dee has a mug from her graduation that says “THE TASSEL WAS WORTH THE HASSEL.” I’m sure she wouldn’t mind sharing. Which ever you chose, I promise to fill it with something strong and hot!

If we were having coffee…I would start off by asking you how you’ve been. It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to join the Coffee Share (in fact, it’s been so long that I didn’t realize that it changed hosts!) so I’m afraid I’m a bit behind. Is everything well in your world? Everyone healthy? Have you seen any good movies or read any good books?

Things around here have been chugging along. Nothing too extraordinary is happening. We are a bit excited because my niece, Anna, and D-Man’s stepsister, Regan, are both about to have babies so of course we are awaiting news on that. This is the second baby for Anna. Anyone who has been following this blog for a while might remember the shower Miss Dee and I threw for her when her first (Squish) was born two years ago. She and her guy will be welcoming another little boy to their family. We can’t wait to meet him.

Hubby’s step sister, Regan, is also having a little boy. This is the first for her and her husband. They live a few hours away, up in Hoboken so we don’t get to see them too often. Miss Dee and I attended her baby shower just last week over at my in-laws house. Personally, I find showers, as a whole, a bit of a snooze to attend and, (speaking as an introvert), terrifying  to be the subject of, but it’s always nice to wish the soon-to-be parents well and see all the cute things they receive. We a gave a gift card and books, of course. I make it my mission to start every child’s library with a few good stories.😊

In other news, Mr D and three of his friends are driving to Florida for their spring break next week. It’s a thirteen hour drive to where they are going in Daytona Beach and as a mom, I’ll admit, I’m a bit freaked out but they are a pretty responsible group of young men and they’ve planned it out well. The other moms and I have put together a “survival kit” containing snacks and sunblock and of course we will be expecting regular texts and calls while they are gone. If I was 21 again, I would see this as a great adventure too so I can’t fault them for wanting to go. Doesn’t mean I won’t worry though.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that my friend Urszula and I went  out last night to see the movie Lion and I must say, if you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend a viewing. It was written by a man named Saroo Brierley and telle his life story. Brierley was born into a loving but poor family in India but was adopted by an Australian couple after he got lost as a child and ended up homeless on the streets of Calcutta. Twenty-five years later, he went back to India to try and find his family. Dev Patel plays the character, Saroo, as an adult and an amazing young man named Sunny plays the child Saroo. It was one of the best films I’ve seen in a while.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I certainly have enjoyed our drinks and conversation! I would also remind you to visit Nerd in the Brain so that you can enjoy the rest of the Coffee Share Posts. May the rest of your weekend be super-fantastic!  I hope you are able to surround yourself with the people and things you love the most.

If We Were Having Coffee…11/26/16


If we were having coffee…I would start off by saying how much I have missed our chats! It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here and my posting and reading times have been limited. I hope that all is well in your part of the world and that my fellow Americans enjoyed their Thanksgiving celebrations on Thursday. We had a wonderful dinner with family and all ate way too much turkey and pie! There is much to be thankful for around here. This morning,  I am thankful that I can finally sit for a few minutes and enjoy a warm beverage and a friendly visit.

If we were having coffee…I would start off by introducing you to my mother-in-law, the amazing MJ. She’s bunking with us temporarily after a losing battle with a boxed Christmas tree in her basement resulted in a broken hip. Long story. As a result,  our list of “things to be thankful for” now includes the doctors who skillfully added three screws to her bone to help it heal, the talented therapist who aided her at rehab, helping her regain her strength, and the fact that we have an extra room where she can continue to heal, exercise and get back to her former energetic self. Mostly, though we are thankful that the injury wasn’t much, much worse and that her overall good health has enabled her to bounce back quicker than the doctors anticipated.

Miss Dee and MJ enjoying Thanksgiving.

Miss Dee and MJ enjoying Thanksgiving.

If we were having coffee…I would share that our sweet Jack has recently developed feline diabetes. He had been sleeping a lot and drinking a lot of water over the past few weeks. It turns out he’d been losing a bit of weight as well. He is a big cat (17lbs) so at first the weight loss wasn’t noticeable, but I was sure there something was up so off to the vet we went. Now the D-man and I are learning all about giving minuscule insulin shots with a teeny-tiny little syringe. Jack has been very cooperative and since we started the shots a few days ago he has been more active and vocal so we’re feeling quite optimistic. We also discovered that an added bonus to having MJ here is that, because she is an insulin dependent diabetic herself, she has been able togive us lots of helpful tips.

Our handsome Jack.

Our handsome Jack.

If we were having coffee…I might remind you that this was the final work week for the fourth grade teacher that I’ve been helping this year. She is anxious to welcome her new baby hopefully in the next week or so.  Her replacement, a nice young woman transferred over from the middle school, came in all last week to get acquainted with the students and familiarize herself with the classroom.  It will be an adjustment for all of us and I’m hoping that certain students don’t try to take advantage of the new teacher. Wish us luck.😊

If we were having coffee… I would share that a few Thursday’s ago we had the 100 year old oak tree removed from our back yard. It was an all day project involving a truck with a cherry picker parked on our lawn, a noisy wood chipper parked in our drive, branches swinging from roaps and a group of hardworking guys wielding chainsaws. Needless to say, it was a very crazy day. Personally, I think the guy in the cherry picker, swinging  the chainsaw around was a little nuts but maybe that’s what it takes to do that job!

My sad, bare backyard. ☹️

My sad, bare backyard. ☹️

I guess that covers the highlights of my last few weeks, so if we were having coffee I would turn the floor over to you. What have you been up to?

The Weekend Coffee Share I’d brought to you each week courtesy of Diana at Part Time Monster. Be sure to stop by  and check out the rest of the posts.


If We Were Having Coffee…9/24/16

imageHello! Welcome! I’m so glad we were able to get together today. I haven’t attended a Coffee Share in weeks. My only excuse is that my life ran away with out me and it took me this long to catch up. The weather here in southern New Jersey is overcast and cool and even though I am loving the fall like temperature, the day itself feels a bit dreary.   Never mind. We can pretend the view from my porch is sunny and bright. Around here we try to focus on the positives. It’s a day off work, it’s not raining, and you wonderful friends have stopped by for a chat!

If we were having coffee...I would offer you a cup of nice strong French roast and a donut to go with. We have tea (iced or hot) or lemonade if you prefer. Personally I need the coffee. It’s been a very long week. We have just completed our second full week of school and the students are settling in pretty well. I’m still struggling, but they are fine! This getting up early stuff is for the birds!  I’m not sure I can make a hundred and sixty-something more days of this.

My work as an instructional aide at our local elementary school precludes that each year, my schedule is different depending on the ages and number of children that we are working with. This year I am spending most of my day in the fourth grade classrooms helping out with science, social studies and math. The two fourth grade teachers are very nice but I am missing my old pal. For the past ten years I have mostly worked with one particular special education teacher and she and I have become very comfortable together. This year, though, her group, which ranges from first to third grade, is very small while the fourth and fifth is much larger so I was bumped upstairs (literally -the upper grades are on the upper floors). It has been a bit of an adjustment for me but I’m sure it will be fine.

A few years back, when I was spending a lot of time with the second graders, I started a weekly post called “Grade School the Second Time Around.” I filled it with interesting facts and  tidbits that I was re-learning as an adult. It’s amazing how much of this stuff I’ve forgotten over the years. I’m thinking that fourth grade will also have a plethora of cool things to share so watch for some new “GSSTA” posts! Are you feeling smarter already? I am.

If we were having coffee…I would share that we added a baby to our family since we last chatted. My niece’s son’s wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl on Wednesday. They named her Emma Jayne and I’m really sad that she lives across the country in Oklahoma because I seriously want to cuddle her. It’s a little weird to think about my brother being a great-grandfather. I guess this makes my sister’s and I great-great aunts! Of course I was already a pretty great aunt anyway!😉

How are things going in your world? Let me top off your drink and you can tell be about you week. I hope it was filled with happy moments and happy people. If you are interested in some more coffee and conversation run over and visit The Weekend Coffee Share brought to you courtesy of Diana at Part Time Monster. 

Thanks for stopping by!

If We Were Having Coffee…5/8/16


Good morning!

 If we were having coffee…today you would find me in my polka dot robe enjoying a cup of dark roast coffee and a cinnamon bun topped with sticky walnuts. There is plenty to share so please pull up a chair and visit a while.

Today in the U.S. We are celebrating Mother’s Day, so if you happen to be a mom, I would also happily share the chocolates that Hubby presented me with this morning (the coffee, the cinnamon bun and the cute little sign above, were also from him). You should get some now because chocolate doesn’t seem to last very long around here. The children are still ‘asnooze but I’m sure they will have a surprise for me as well. They have been trying to be sneaky but you know we Moms notice everything! 😉

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that the best gift I have gotten or will get today came from Mother Nature. After what seems like a thousand days of clouds and rain, the sun is finally shining today! The tempature is suppose to be in the high 60s and as you can see, I’ve already opened the sliding glass doors so we can enjoy the fresh air.

My wet weather has been very tame compared to others, though. So many people around the continent have been dealing with much worse weather like wild fires, floods, and tornados. The news reports have been very scary and I’ve been keeping those families in my prayers. The extreme weather in the last few years is very unnerving. I am afraid it will only get worse if we don’t make it a priority. That discussion could go on but let’s move to something a little lighter for now.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you about an article I read in the paper this week. (Yes, I still read an actual newspaper, printed on actual paper, with actual ink! Crazy, huh? I feel like news in print is more reliable than news on the internet no matter what the source, so we still have the “Philadelphia Inquirer” delivered 7 days a week. At least if they print something that is incorrect, I know who to blame!) But I digress, sorry.

Anyway, the headline for the article read:

“Weasel shuts down world’s largest atom smasher in Switzerland

Hmm? Sounds interesting, right? Apparently a weasel found his way into an area where he was able to chew some exposed wiring effectively shorting out the entire machine. Needless to say it didn’t end well for the weasel but I would almost rather be him than the super smart designer dude who was handed the job of telling his superiors and the press that this “4.4 billion dollar” machine was now out of commission because of an unforeseen glitch involving a weasel!

All that brain power and all that money and no one saw this coming. It made me think that maybe they should invent position  a called “Common Sense Inspector.” You know, just an everyday person whose only job is to sit in on the meetings and point out the little things that might go wrong. They would notice  the stuff that the really ultra intelligent scientist and engineers might not notice.

In fact, doesn’t this sound like the perfect job for a Mom! We’ve  been warning our families about unforeseen dangers since time began….

Be careful with that thing! You might put someone’s eye out!”—“Bring extra socks and underwear in case you get caught in a rain storm or have to stay an extra night!”—“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched!”—“Measure twice, cut once!”— etc…😊

(Happy Mother’s Day.)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Sorry to have rambled on so! Please tell me about your week and what fun things you’ve been up to. Also don’t forget to visit the rest of the Coffee Share Posts hosted by the lovely Diana over at Part Time Monster!

If We Were Having Coffee – 4/24/16


If we were having coffee…I would welcome you in and offer you a seat. The  weather folks are predicting a lovely day here in southern NJ, in fact it may even warm enough for us to take our coffee out on the porch. Speaking of which, would you like a cup of French roast or perhaps some tea instead? There are some cold beverages as well, if you prefer. No home made baked goods this week, I’m afraid. I will have to get my Hubby working on that.

If we were having coffee… I would ask if you’ve ever had a day where no matter how hard to you tried to get things accomplished, you just seem to end up spinning your wheels? Yesterday was like that for me. All morning I attempted to be productive but ended up with very little to show for it.

I wanted to grid-out a large art project I was working on but I couldn’t find my straight edge (Hubby actually found it later in the very place I thought it was but failed to see it the two times I looked! Duh!) Then I wanted to finish a project that required some tracing paper. Do you think I could find a single sheet?! I had hoped to clean out the downstairs closet but couldn’t get the heavy things out without some help.

Of course it didn’t help that every room I wandered through had odds and ends that needed picking up and putting away. Then, as an added bonus, the cat puked all over so that needed attention as well! By the time twelve o’clock came around  I realized that I’d spent the whole morning wandering around the house accomplishing nothing. Sometimes I feel like my brain just spins in circles instead of a straight line. Is this be something else I can blame on middle age?

If we were having coffee...I would tell you that my frustrating morning ended when I had to get ready to go to my volunteer job at two.  Since this past July, I’ve spent every Tuesday afternoon and every other Saturday, helping out at a non profit thrift store uptown. It is run by a local hospice organization and all the proceeds help to provide hospice and palliative care for people who have no health insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover all the services they need. I am just one of  17 volunteers there. Miss Dee helped too before she started her regular job.

I really enjoy my time there. It puts my obsessive organizational skills to good use and the other ladies I work with are very sweet, especially the manager Sherri. The shop isn’t too large but we have a nice selection of ladies and men’s clothes, accessories and some smaller housewares, all donated by people in the area. It is a very different atmosphere than my regular job. I think that’s part of the appeal but the main thing is that even though my own loved ones have never been in need of hospice care, I’ve seen how important it is to so many other families. It feels good to help.

If we were having coffee..I would appologize for cutting our visit a little short today. Miss Dee is leaving on her senior trip to Disney World on Tuesday and there are still quite a few odds and ends left to be done. She has to have her luggage packed and at school by 4:00 Monday afternoon. They weigh it and have the TSA dogs give it a sniff to avoid any problems at the airport on Tuesday morning. Speaking of which, their flight leaves Philadelphia at nine so they need to be on the bus at school by five! THAT’S 5AM PEOPLE!!! You better believe this one falls under Hubby’s list of parental duties. No one wants me driving a car at that hour! 😳

Thanks so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to visit the rest of the Coffee Share Post hosted by the lovely Diana over at Part Time Monster!!

If We Were Having Coffee…4/16/16


If we were having coffee…I would invite you in and pour you a cup of strong hot French roast. For non-coffee drinkers I can offer tea or hot chocolate. There is iced tea and lemonade if you prefer. Miss Dee, who is suffering from an allergy induced sore throat, is sipping some green tea with honey and lemon. I’m sure she would share.

The weather here today was absolutely fabulous! Finally, after the craziness of last weekend! The sun shone with abandon and the temperature was well into the 60s. Hubby completed his first lawn mowing of the season and I was able to finally clear out my flower beds and do some planting. I put some zinnias in the pots by the deck and planted some sweet basil in my herb garden. The lemon mint from last year has already started growing and I think I will pick up some  oregano and dill as well. Yum!

Since the evening was so nice, we decided to invite my mother-in-law over for a barbecue. Hubby dusted off the grill and made hamburgers for us and a turkey burger for himself. I added some home made mac and cheese and a salad. We enjoyed a wonderful leisurely dinner on the deck while our resident rabbits hopped around the yard having their’s. Ahh! All is right with the world once more. 😊

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that Mr D missed the first BBQ of the season but it was for a really fun reason. For the last month or so, he’s been helping out his old high school baseball coach with this year’s team, so the coach invited him to come along with the team on a trip up to Cooperstown, N.Y. They left early this morning and were scheduled to tour The Baseball Hall of Fame this afternoon. Tomorrow, the team will actually get to play a game on the field there. Pretty neat, huh!? Mr D visited Copperstown once before, about eight years ago with his father and grandfather but being there with the team must be really cool. They will be back tomorrow evening so I will hear all the details then.

If we were having coffee…I could tell you all about this show Miss Dee was watching earlier on the food network. I can’t remember the name but the two young women who host the show travel all over the country looking for the most decedent sweet shops and bakeries they can find.

This episode featured a place in NYC that makes ice cream filled donut sandwiches! Yes….you read that right! They dip the top of the donut in any icing you want then add nut topping or sprinkles or what ever; then you choose three scoops of ice cream for the middle (some of the ice cream flavors were amazing too);  they put the top on and then drizzle the whole thing with caramel or chocolate syrup.

OMG! I may actually have been drooling by the time they were finished describing it. The hosts said that most customers bring a friend because this mega calorie treat is just too big for one person. Can you imagine!?! Seems a bit over the top for me but hey, who am I to judge.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you about your week? Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? What kind of things have been keeping you busy? While I was taking a break earlier, I caught part of my all time favorite “feel good” movies…”While You Were Sleeping” with Sandra Bullock. It is such a sweet love story that I can’t watch it without smiling. Do you have a favorite “feel good” film? How about a movie that always makes you tear up no matter how many times you’ve seen it? For me, that would be the final scene in “Field of Dreamswhen Ray get to have a catch with his dad. Gets me every time.

Well, I guess I better stop flappin’ my gums and let you head over to Part Time Monster and catch up with the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share. Thanks so much for stopping by! I do so enjoy our chats!

If We Were Having Coffee…4/10/16


If we were having coffee today…we would be sitting at my kitchen table looking out the back door (past the Audrey Hepburn calendar clearly turned to the month of April), at the snow and ice covering the yard and deck. Ugh.


Yesterday was such an interesting Spring day. I had planned on running some errands and cleaning up the yard but instead I sat inside and watched the snow fall. I worked on a page for Miss Dee’s “Senior Year” scrapbook, I cleaned the bathroom and did some banking so it was a productive day, just not the one I had planned.

The view, yesterday from my sister's front window.

The view, yesterday from my sister’s front window.

It was, howevera more comfortable day than my Hubby had. He was down the shore helping a friend rebuild a garage….in the rain….and the snow. The garage had been damaged in the last flood that the Jersey shore had endured. A few weeks ago they had cleaned it out, throwing away much of the contents, and removing the siding and water soaked wood. My hubby has a big heart and this friend has done a lot for him so he was determined to help him finish this job before the elements did even more damage. I will find out this evening how it all went.  At least today is sunny and clear.


If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I am pretty excited that I was able to score a piece foam board big enough for the astronaut photo backdrop I was designing. I was a little worried because I needed a piece that was 4’x 5 1/2′ and that size is usually only sold by the case for big company presentations and such. Thank goodness for Craig’s List! There was a gentlemen in Philadelphia that had purchased a case of 20 sheets of  4′ X 8′ foam board and only used half so he was selling the rest for $10 per sheet. Even luckier was the fact that the teacher I’m working with has a husband who works in that area of the city and he ran over after work Tuesday and picked up two sheets. We figured we might need an extra piece somewhere down the line. I can’t wait to get started!


If we were having coffee…I would refill our cups and ask about your week? I hope I has been exciting and productive. Are you reading any good books? Have you done any traveling? Fill me in! I’m so glad you stopped by!

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