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If We Were Having Coffee…5/6/17

If we were having coffee this morning… I would probably start off with, “Remember me?” It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to sit and create a post of any kind or visit those of my blog friends. I’ve no excuse. My mind and life were just heading in a different direction for a bit, but now as I sit here lingering over my French Roast, breathing in the cool spring air blowing through the screen door I feel the need for a bit of a chat so….

First, as an update, in my last Coffee Share I was pretty excited that our family was awaiting the arrival of two new baby boys. Both have arrived healthy and strong- Chase, my niece’s son, we were able to meet on Easter (I was quite annoyed that I had to put him down in order to actually serve dinner!), and Asher, my husband’s step-sisters baby, only three weeks old now and who we hope to meet very soon.

If we were having coffee…I would fill your cup, offer a chair and ask, “How ya been?” Stuff has been hopping here in Southern New Jersey. Aside from babies being born, both of my own kids (is it ok to still refer to my college age children as ‘kids?’) have been cramming for finals. Mr D’s text responses have been tense one word answers so I know he is feeling overwhelmed and Miss Dee has spread her laptop and books from one end of the kitchen to the other, taking only short breaks to sleep and eat! Wednesday  is the magic day when they can both breath again. She will head to the movies with friends to celebrate and maybe my son will stop by to visit (although first he will probably spend an evening celebrating at the pub near campus).

The D-man and I, both working for the public school system, have been navigating the PARCC test. For those unfamiliar, this is  the standardized assessment test that  students are required to take, here in NJ and several other states. My personal assessment is that it is a colossal waste of time and a real pain in the A#%, but no one has asked me. 😊

My poor hubby has it much worse than me though because at his school, he is the guy running the test so he has to do all the preparation and pray that the logistic and technology all cooperate. Of course it didn’t. The computers had a major glitch on day one, putting them a day behind to start then the fire alarm was accidentally triggered on day two requiring the whole school to evacuate till the source was discovered, then on the final day all the programs were moving so slow that it took some students 20 minutes just to sign in to the site! He still has make ups next week but he treated himself to a day off on Friday, spending it down the shore with a friend. I think I would have needed more than one day!!

If we were having coffee…I might tell you how excited I am for this summer’s STEAM Camp (science, technology, engineering, art and math). It will be run, again, by my friend Jill who is a fifth grade teacher at the school where I work. She and, another friend, Karen, the third grade teacher, started the camp last summer and it was so successful that we will be doubling it and doing two weeks this time round. The themes are “World Travel” and “Sports Science.” In addition to working at the actual camp, they have commissioned me once again to make the props that enhance each week’s theme. This is the first one done:

The windows are cut out so the children can stand behind and get their photos taken as they enter camp the first day. Next I’m working on a “passport” that will act as their name tag throughout the week. I find it really fun and relaxing to have a creative project to work on during my free time.

Well, if we were having coffee…I would probably notice the time and realize that I need to get myself moving. I bought some herbs and would like to plant them in pots outside today. We also have some bushes in serious need of a trim then the D-man and I have tickets to the Philadelphia Phillies game tonight. Love me some springtime baseball!⚾️

Oh, One more thing…

If we were having coffee… I would remind you to visit Nerd in the Brain so that you can enjoy the rest of the Coffee Share Posts. May the rest of your weekend be super-fantastic! I hope you are able to surround yourself with the people and things you love the most.

If We Were Having Coffee…1/8/17


If we were having coffee…I would thank you for slogging through the snow in order to come visit me today! I’d usher you in and help you off with your boots and mittens and immediately thrust a mug of something hot into your fridgid paws. You would have noticed already that here in southern New Jersey we have collected three or four inches of snow and that the tempeture outside is hovering around freezing.  Brrrr! Let’s just stay indoors with our coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) and a selection of fresh baked cookies (courtesy of my hubby) and have a nice long chat.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you how your week has been? What is the weather like at your home. I have a retired colleague who is spending this week in Jamacia. She keeps posting photos of her and her husband on the beach or at the beachside bar. Meanwhile I’m looking out my window at squirrels digging through the snow for food! I may have to block her posts till spring. 😊

You would probably guess that I’m not much of a cold weather person. I tend to hibernate, curling up with a book or my iPad and ignoring the outside world (and anything productive I might be doing). Yesterday I did manage to take down all my Christmas decorations. I felt the pressure to get it done while Miss Dee was at work because she doesn’t take the whole “undecorating” thing very well. The idea of Christmas being over tends to make her wimper a bit and immediately go into denial, so my mother-in-law (who is now getting around quite well with her walker and expects the doctor to give her the all clear to move to a cane tomorrow) packed it all up and put it away while she was gone. Everything but the tree. I’m not ready to give that up quite yet. It is still looking pretty and fresh and losing hardly any needles so I’m keeping it till next weekend. Besides, look how pretty it looked next to the backdrop of snow yesterday…


If we were having coffee…I would tell you that we had a bit of a scare last night. Mr D called to tell us that on his way home, his car had been side swiped by a hit and run driver who had been swerving all over the road! Thank goodness he and his passengers were unhurt and that the car has only minor damage. He was able to pull in to a parking lot and call the police. A witness in a pick up truck was clever enough to follow the other car home and came back while Mr D was talking with the police to tell them right where they could find him. As it turned out, the other driver had been drinking! Could we BE anymore stupid?! “Hey, let’s have a few drinks then go drive on the snow covered roads!!!” That other young man better hope he and I never meet or he is going to get a very large and angry piece of my mind.  It is  certainly unnerving to be reminded how vulnerable our children are when they are out in the world.

If we were having coffee…we would probably notice the sound of the snowblower down the street and realize that other people (including my husband who ducked out a few minutes ago), have gotten on with their Sunday while we’ve been chatting. I suppose I should as well so, although I hate to hurry you out, I must wash the mugs and get myself moving. Thanks so much for coming by if you are still in the mood to chat there are lots of other wonderful folks sharing coffee and conversation. Stop by and visit.

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted each week by the lovely Diana at Partime Monster.

If We Were Having Coffee….12/24/16

imageIf we were having coffee…I would welcome you to the “calm before the storm.” It is a rainy Christmas Eve morning here in southern New Jersey. The rest of the family is still asnooze, as I sit with my cup of piping hot French roast, contemplating today’s “to-do” list.

Tonight we will visit with my husband’s father’s family, catching up with cousins we see only once a year, and tomorrow our immediate families will gather here for Christmas dinner. We usually toggle between 14 and 25 guest. This year we are 22, missing a niece and her group who are promised to his family this year, and a nephew whose new job is keeping him on the west coast. No matter what the group, though, it is always noisey and chaotic and totally wonderful!


So, if we were having coffee today…I would wish you all your own special brand of holiday crazy wherever you are,  no matter what you celebrate this time of year. Please stop by for coffee next weekend when peace and quiet will once again be the norm around here. We can have a proper chat then. For now I need to run. so much to do! For now, I hope all is well with you and yours. Don’t forget to visit Diana at Part Time Monster for the rest of the Coffee Share Posts.

If We Were Having Coffee…10/22/16


If we were having coffee…I would invite you in out of the crisp fall weather and pour you a steamy cup of French roast. We also have tea or hot chocolate if you prefer? There is also some cake left from my husband’s birthday celebration today. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing. The D-man’s actual birthday isn’t until Monday but we had his family birthday dinner a little early because his dad and stepmom are leaving for a trip to Disney World on Monday. This will be their first trip there together. She goes every year with her mother and brother but my father-in-law isn’t much of a Disney World fan. He enjoys trips that involve hiking and historic sites more than rides and musical shows. It will be interesting to hear their critique when they get home.

If we were having coffee..I would tell you that D-man was pretty excited to receive an official Carson Wentz Eagles football jersey as part of his birthday gifts. We can only hope that the Eagles can win some more games just to make that jersey worth wearing! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow afternoon’s game. Our home is a much happier place when they win.😊.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you how thing have been in your world? Are you enjoying the fall weather? Are you in an area where you can experience the changing colors of the season. I can’t believe Halloween is just around the corner although the children at school are more than ready. The fact that it falls on a Monday is down right painful for those of us working in education. “Why?” you might ask. Because that means that on Tuesday morning we will be dealing with hyped up, sugar overdosed, overly tired children with lunch boxes full of left over candy. It will take us until at least Thursday to regain control. 😳 I wonder if we could get a law passed declaring  Halloween must always fall on a Friday?

Anyway, if we were having coffee, I’d thank you for stopping to chat and for listening to me ramble on! I would wish you a week filled with great moments, good thoughts, and happy people. I would also suggest that you stop by Part Time Monster and catch up with some of the other Weekend Coffee Share posts.

If We Were Having Coffee….10/1/16


Welcome to October! I can’t believe it’s here already. Wasn’t it just September first a few days ago? The weather here is leaning towards “dreary” but never mind the outdoors. It’s toasty in the kitchen and we have strong, hot coffee, homemade pumpkin bread and lots of time to chat!

If we were having coffee…I would ask about your week? Are the autumn colors bursting out around you or do you live in an area where springtime is on the horizon? Maybe you live somewhere that doesn’t experience seasonal changes at all? I think I would miss seeing nature reinvent herself every few months.


As I sit here looking out the back door, watching the leaves fall from our massive oak tree, the only big tree in our yard, the tree that singles the changing seasons each year for me, I’m feeling sad because in a few weeks that very tree will be gone. Each year more and more dead branches have appeared and after consulting several tree experts, we have concluded that it can’t be saved and will need to come down. The oak dominates our yard and I can’t even imagine how different the view will be.  It holds the tire swing my kids grew up with and blesses the back porch with much needed shade in the summer months. It’s been here since long before our house was built. I guess it might seem silly to be so sentimental about a tree but I feel like it’s grown along with our family. The yard will look so blank without it.

We’re hoping that in the spring we can plant a new tree. Any suggestions on what kind we should put in? Miss Dee is partial to Japanese Maples. Personally, as you might remember, I’m not very good with growing things so I’ll let the rest of the family make the choice.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that, speaking of Miss Dee, We are really excited that she’s been promoted to “bridal consultant” at work. When she started out, the manager of the bridal salon mostly had her working with bridesmaid and prom fashions, which makes sense I guess, because she does understand the younger girls’ styles better than the older consultants. Apparently, though, she has proven herself, because now she is working directly with the brides and has even sold several gowns. Not only does she love helping the brides find their dream dresses, she also gets a commission on each gown she sells. I’m pretty darn proud of her. By the way, she said that they do actually ask each bride if they are saying “yes to the dress!” 😉

If we were having coffee…you might notice young Mr D in the next room, curled up on the sofa wrapped in a blanket. Technically, he doesn’t really live here, having moved into his off campus housing as soon as classes started in September, but when I came home for lunch Thursday, I found him on the sofa sporting a fever and a sore throat. I guess no matter how old you are, when you’re sick, you want mom to take care of you! I’m okay with that. We had him to the doctors yesterday and have been pumping him full of medicine and soup. I expect he will be on his feet again by Monday. In the meantime I like having him around, germs and all.

If we were having coffee…I would probably glance at the clock and reluctantly admit that I should start getting dinner ready. I really hate cooking but I do enjoy eating so I guess there is no way around it. ☹️ You are welcome to stay. You talk while I cook!

If you’re in the mood for more coffee and conversation hop on over to Part Time Monster and the visit the rest of the Coffee Share Posts!

If We Were Having Coffee…7/30/16

imageIf we were having coffee…I would invite you in and  relieve you of your drippy umbrella. As you can see, we are enjoying some much needed rain here in southern NJ. After we settled ourselves in at the kitchen table, I would offer you a mug of strong French roast or possibly some iced tea or lemonade if you prefer. D-man (aka “Hubby”) has just pulled a tray of his famous chocolate chip cookies from the oven. I’m pretty sure we could steal a few of those as well!

I would tell you that he is busy baking cookies tonight because we will be visiting his Great-Aunt Lorraine tomorrow and wanted to take her a treat. She lives an hour and a half north of here near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and she recently celebrated her 96th birthday! I’d say that deserves some home made cookies wouldn’t you?  I don’t think she would mind if we enjoyed a few first, though.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you how you are planning to spend your Sunday? The weather here still looks bleak but maybe it will be better where you are. Did you enjoy your day today? Ours was very nice.  Both children had to work, but D-man and I spent the afternoon enjoying barbecue at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. Actually, because of the rain, it became an indoor  BBQ cooked in the crock pot! The purpose of the party was to introduce their newest granddaughter. My nephew and his wife live upstate and because they have  a 2 year old as well as an infant, it’s tricky for them to make the trip down here too often. I certainly remember those days! We had one “really fun” road trip where the baby cried for the last hour, and her brother got sick all over the back seat. Ahh, good times!

Anyway, the party was loud and crazy, with lots kids and dogs underfoot. The baby was fussed over and passed around and we all filled up on my sister Pat’s delicious foods. Her husband is half Italian and half Polish and since his mother only had sons herself, she taught Pat how to make all her favorite recipes,  including one of my favorites,  peppers and kilbasa! She also prepared our grandmothers German potato salad and our mother’s bread pudding. I was thinking how wonderful it was that, even though all those lovely ladies are no longer with us, there pretense was felt just the same.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you, (speaking of food), that our family went out to dinner on Wednesday to celebrate the kids recent birthdays. We went to a restaurant called “Max Brenner’s Chocolate Box” across the bridge in Philadelphia. Hubby and I had gone ther for our anniversary back in May and after telling Miss Dee and Mr D about how amazing it was, they really wanted to try it themselves. It didn’t disappoint! Dinner was good but at “Max’s” dessert is the main course! I enjoyed some cinnamon crusted churros with toffee, chocolate and rasberry dipping sauce, Mr D had a frothy milkshake topped with fresh made whipped cream, and Hubby and Miss Dee shared something called “The Chocolate Mess for Two!” I think the name pretty much says it all but here is a photo too…

Under the whipped cream was chocolate lava cake, two kinds of ice cream, strawberries and pineapples. Believe it or not, they cleaned the plate!

After the reservations were already made, we realized that we would be going into the city right in the middle of the Democratic National Convention. Even though it was being held at the other end of the city, I was afraid the traffic and security might be out of control. As it turned out, aside from a few extra police officers and some people toting signs and banners there was no evidence that anything unusual was going on. Durning dinner we did see two SUV limousines go by escorted by several motorcycles with flashing lights. It was fun to imagine who might have been inside!

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I’ve really enjoyed our visit. I’d like to spend some more time catching up but all this food talk has made me really hungry so I think I’ll go find another snack! I hope you have time to stop by Part Time Monster and check out the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share posts. May your week be filled with the things and the people you love the most!

Growing Pains…Part Two


Yesterday, my baby girl turned 18. How did that happen? How did she go from being that little baby in the white bonnet discovering the beach for the first time, to a college bound young woman with a job and a drivers license?

I guess I must have blinked.

She did come into this world in a hurry, just 45 minutes from the beginning of labor to delivery. We like to joke that if we’d hit a few more red lights, she might have been born in the front seat of a Honda Civic! And as a toddler, she was the kind of kid you had to hold on to while you locked the front door or else she would be down the block and around the corner before you turned the key.

But then she slowed down. She became thoughtful. When she became old enough to realize that other people had feeling, she worried about hurting them or about them being sad. I remember when we played “Chutes and Ladders” or “Candyland” she would make me take extra turns so we finished at the same time. “There, mommy,” she’d say, “You win too.”

This empathy carried through  as she got older. For many years she avoided playing sports, choosing instead to cheer her brother through baseball and basketball games.  She couldn’t bring herself to be competitive enough. No matter who won, someone else had to lose.  In high school, however, when a friend convinced her to join the tennis team, she agreed because she said it was a very polite sport. At the end of each match, you shook hands with your opponent and said “Good game.” No anger, no hard feelings (on the surface at least!).

She loved playing, loved being part of the team and bonding with the other girls but she worried about letting them down when she didn’t play her best. Her coach told her that the only skill she lacked was confidence. She lacked that drive to win. I must say though, that she still had a pretty good record and she enjoyed playing which was the point.

As a mom, I worry about this need of her’s to make everyone happy. I worry she will be taken advantage of. I walk the line between wanting her to stand up for what she wants, and not wanting her to compromise this kind and giving side of herself. Luckily, she has surrounded herself with friends who have her back and force her to choose herself sometimes. Smart kid.

She has an amazing eye for detail, arranging her room or a table setting to look just so.  She notices everything and can capture a moment perfectly, whether in a photograph or a poem, and even though she has chosen to study business management, I hope she keeps up with these more creative pursuits as well. I think they help her express things she is sometimes too shy to say. Being quiet allows you to observe unnoticed but I also want her to stand up and be noticed for all the wonderful things she is.


Of course she has her quirks that sometimes make us nuts. There are those “teenage mood swings” that surface from time to time, and don’t ask her to make a choice if you’re in a hurry. She could be all day making up her mind, waiting till the absolute deadline to decide on which college to attend, but even choosing what dessert to have or what outfit to wear takes her a while. This is probably something we should warn her future husband about.

So I blinked and my baby grew. She struggled and she flourished. She cried and she laughed. She lived and she learned and I’m so very proud of the person she has become. I’m glad I was able to watch it all happen, regardless of how fast it went. For now I will keep watching. I think the future is going to be pretty amazing too….

I better be careful not to blink.



If We Were Having Coffee…7/17/16


Good morning!

If we were having coffee…on this humid, sticky Sunday here in Southern New Jersey, we would surely abandon the porch in favor of the air conditioned kitchen. I would still opt for some nice hot coffee because that’s the only thing that gets me going in the morning but there are plenty of cold beverages available that I would offer to you. I would also encourage you to try one (or three) of the fresh made cream puffs that I picked up yesterday at  “Chloe’s Cream Puffs” downtown.  Let me tell you, Chloe really knows her stuff! I picked up a selection….three key lime flavored, three cookies and cream, three Kaluha (think I already ate all those, though) and then some regular chocolate and vanilla. Feel free. They aren’t really breakfast foods but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t 😉.

If we were having coffee…you might mention my lack of blog posts as of late. My only excuse is that summer vacation has really screwed up my productivity. I’m trying to work on that. In all fairness, I was busy last week with “STEAM Camp.” I’ve been getting ready, creating projects for it for so long that the actual four days of camp seemed to just fly by. Everything went pretty well and we are already thinking about next summer.

The two teachers that put it together did such a great job and worked so hard. I was glad to see it all pay off for them. The 38 campers, from 4th to 7th grade, had a blast! They shot off soda bottle rockets and made telescopes. They learned about centrifugal force and built roller coasters employing it, as well as creating 3D Ferris wheels. They spent one whole day helping  solve a fictitious 100 year old mystery by examining various types of fingerprints and discovering how to create chemical reactions in order to identify different substances. I learned a quite a bit myself!!

If we were having coffee…I would probably tell you that I have loads more stuff to share but today is Miss Dee’s 18th birthday and we have plans to take her out and celebrate so I must get myself moving. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you have the time to visit the rest of the Coffee Share Posts.

Happy Sunday!!

If We Were Having Coffee…7/2/16

Good Morning!

If we were having coffee…the first thing out of my mouth would probably be “Holy cow! It’s July! How did that happen?!” Is seems like the weeks are just breezing by. Maybe not for those of you that are hard at work but when you are on vacation, naturally time flies.

Anyway, after I filled your cup with some rich French roast or iced tea, if preferred, we could settle ourselves on the porch and enjoy the lovely cool mornings. As you can see, the hibiscus my FIL gave me for Mother’s Day is still alive and thriving. Hubby has been keeping it watered because the poor plant has a much better chance of survival if I just keep my distance. 😊

If we were having coffee…you would have noticed that my Hubby has also been tending to the front of the house, decorating and preparing for July the fourth. The flags are out and he even gifted me a pot of red, white, and blue petunias (which he will also be in charge of keeping alive)! We get very enthusiastic about the Fourth of July in our little town, but that’s another post altogether. For now let’s just relax, enjoy the sunshine and our beverages and catch up!


If we were having coffee…I would ask you what you have been up to this week? Have you enjoyed exciting developments or endured frustrating problems? I would hope for more ups than downs. My week has been busy but enjoyable for the most part.

After our adventure at the Blueberry Festival on Sunday my honey and I mostly spent our time on day to day stuff. It is an odd feeling having both children head off to work while Hubby and I hang out at home! I’m kinda liking it, especially the part where they complain and grumble on their way out the door…

“Boy, I wish I was on vacation and could just hang out all day!”

“Must be nice not having to go to work.” 

We just smile and wave them off….”Have a great day. We’ll be here when you get home! “😊

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I finished another backdrop for the STEAM camp. Day four is going to be “Island Survival Day” where the campers are asked  to pretend they’ve been stranded on a desert island and need to use resources available in nature in order to survive. We are going to learn all about various plant life and they are going to be making sundials.

Here is the photo back drop:


It measures 6′ X 4′ and I was a little intimidated because I’ve never painted anything that big before but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  I used a paint roller to make quick work of the larger areas and to avoid brush strokes. It’s a good thing I’m finished, though, because my family was a little tired of my taking up the entire kitchen with paints and foam board!

If we were having coffee…I would share one really annoying part of my week. On Thrusday, Hubby and I decided to go grocery shopping together…that’s not the annoying part 😊. Usually I go alone but it was nice to have company and strong arms to carry the bags. However, after all the $123 worth of groceries were rung up and I swiped my debit card, the computer kept coming back saying we only had 21 dollars available?! I knew there was over five hundred dollars in the checking account and Hubby had just deposited his paycheck that morning as well. After trying the card three different ways on two different machines (with a line of people forming behind us) we gave up. Luckily, after we pooled our cash, we had just enough to pay the 101 dollar balance. If we hadn’t been together, one of us would have been putting some food back on the shelf or just leaving it all behind!

When I got home, I went online and discovered the problem. All of the funds in our checking account (except for $21) was being held untill Hubby’s paycheck cleared. This made no sense to me because we have two savings accounts with more than enough money in them to cover the check. And why $21? Electronic banking makes me crazy. I can never figure out how they determine what is “pending” and what your “available balance”is!!!!

Okay, I’m done my little rant. I know how lucky we are to have enough money to buy food in the first place so I’m just going to shake off my frustrations! (I hope all those people who were stuck in line behind us are feeling the same way.)😊

If we were having coffee…you would probably glance at the clock and realize that the time has gotten away from us again! We always have so much to chat about that I quite forget about all the other things I have to do today. This is my afternoon to volunteer at the Thrift Shop downtown and then Miss Dee and I are going to our local “Miss” pageant with some friends this evening. The rest of the holiday weekend will be filled with parades, barbecues and fireworks.

For my friends here in the U.S-  “Happy Independance Day!” and for my friends in the rest of the world (where July 4th is just another day 😉), I hope that your weekend is pleasant and joyful and that you are surrounded by those you love most! Thanks so much for stopping by. Make sure to visit Diana over at Part Time Monster so you can catch up with the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share posts!

If We Were Having Coffee…6/25/16


If we were having coffee…we would be sitting on the back porch enjoying the abundant sunshine and the lovely cool breeze. Ahhh! Summer is upon us. There were a couple of chipmunks hanging out a minute ago and a cardinal on the bird feeder. I’m sure they will be back if we sit here a bit. Hubby’s been doing battle with the neighborhood squirrels lately because they keep stealing the birdseed from the feeder. (That is what squirrels do after all) As you can see, it’s on a pole out in the yard. He keeps moving it further out because apparently, squirrels are really good at jumping. They launch themselves off the porch rail and end up swinging from the bird feeder! I swear we mush have flying squirrels because that’s a good six feet! He may have to find another solution. I’ll keep you posted.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you about your week as I topped off you mug of French roast. Was it fun? Demanding? Unusual? Did you go anywhere special or see any good movies? Miss Dee and I watched a film last night called I Saw the Light.” It was a bio-pic about the life of country western singer Hank Williams. I will admit that we mostly decided to watch it because Tom Hiddleson played Hank and we have a thing for Tom, but it was actually pretty good. I hadn’t realized that he was only 29 when he died. Sadly, he had issues with alcohol and drugs that lead to a heart attack. His career was only about six years long yet he produced so many hits and had such a unique style that he is considered a major influences in country music. My mom loved Hank Williams so I grew up listening to his songs. Interestingly, Tom Hiddleson, who is a British actor, did all the singing himself and he was really spot on! I would defently recommend checking out the movie if you get the chance.

If we were having coffee…we could talk about my “Bucket List” progress. I am only nine days into my summer break and I have already check a few items off. If you checked out my “Weekly Smile” you would know that I spent a lovely day on the beach (even though it was over night, I still count it as a day trip, because, hey, it’s my list😊). I also took the plunge and drove across a bridge, something I’ve never done before. Yay me! Granted it was only a small bridge but it was also a draw bridge and we were stopped at the front of the line of traffic when it opened to let a boat through. That was kind of cool and also a little scary because the bridge shook a little as the opening went up and down!

Also on the list, I would probably remind you, was completing at least six art projects. Most of my artistic endeavors at this time are geared towards the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) camp I will be helping with in July. Each day has a theme and I’ve been working on the photo back drops for them. One day will be a “CSI” day where the children will explore forensic science and follow clues to solve a mystery, so I created a life size badge that they will get their photo taken in front of. We will then shrink it and laminate it for them to wear. Here is Miss Dee modeling the finished product…


I think she would make a pretty good agent, don’t you? Hopefully the campers will think it’s cool. My next project is a roller coaster back drop for “Amusement Park” day. That will be dedicated to the laws of motion.

If we were having coffee…you would probably remind me that the morning is whittling away and that I should get myself moving. Even though it’s summer vacation, stuff still needs to get done so I guess we should say goodbye until next weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Weekend Coffee Share post brought to you courtesy of Diana over at Part Time Monster.