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E is for Energy

Energy is a weird thing.  If you find you are low on energy, one way to get more is to get up and do do something. It’s like if you pretend you feel energetic, you will be! A self fulfilling prophecy!

Case in point; every afternoon after work, my cup of coffee and ipad call to me.  I grab both, curl up in my chair and veg out. Then at exactly 4:00 this annoying little icon flashes on the screen and reminds me that it’s time to do some yoga. Never mind that I am the one who set this reminder to go off everyday, I still find it very intrusive.

Lucky for me and my lazy butt, I have my own motivational team (aka the family). Hubby heads out for his afternoon walk with a kiss and a wave, causing me to feel more like a slug. Next, Boy Child heads out to baseball/basketball practice. Since he never manages to close the door tight, I need to haul myself up to close it. On my way back I pass Girl Child on her way to do homework who says to me “I’ll sit in the den so you can do your yoga in here.”

Now I’m stuck! I can’t just sit back down no matter how little energy I have. And you know what, if I keep muttering “I think I can, I think I can” pretty soon I really can. Twenty minutes later I’m feeling more motivated and energetic. Amazing how that works!


A Bookworm’s Guide to Fitness

My husband of twenty some years has exercised 5 days a weeks since before I knew him. He’s always said it is necessary for him as a stress reducer  plus now that we are both over 50 we want to stay as active as we can and that comes with a price. During his annual stress test, the doctor told my honey he had the body of a thirty year old (don’t think I don’t appreciate that!)

Anyway, I was never much into exercise. Frankly I find it really boring. I never understood that “high” people say they get with it, and because I’ve never had issues with my weight, I convinced myself I was in good enough shape.  That was until a few years ago at work when I had to go up a couple of flights of stairs to a classroom and couldn’t tell the teacher why I was there until after I caught my breath! It was kind of embarrassing. I didn’t want to do that again so I talked with hubby about options. My knees are not my friends so walking or running was out, swimming would be great but not practical and I knew I would never go out to a gym so it had to be something at home. He suggested the recumbent stationaly bike he used which was conviently parked in out basement. It turned out to be the perfect solution for me because….and here is the secret…..I can READ while I ride!!! I would rather read than almost anything else and I found that if I had a really good book I could go 10 miles at a good pace without even realizing it!! Of course I have to make a deal with myself every evening not to pick up a book unless I am on that bike. Even if I’m tired I tell myself   “Just  ride for 10 minutes”.  Usually, once I start I end up doing 30 minutes anyway.

It’s been three years now and I still ride 5 days a week, plus I found this nifty yoga app for my iPad that keeps all my joints oiled. Between the two, I can climb stairs without huffing and puffing and I don’t groan every time I get up off the floor.  It really does help and it has become such a routine I notice when I don’t exercise. Besides I have to stay in shape. I have a “thirty year old” husband to keep up with! 😉