Me and My Sad Little Cell Phone

IMG_1543Yesterday, I was three aisles into my weekly grocery shopping trip, when I realized that I had left my list laying on the counter at home. This occurs quite frequently so Miss Dee was not at all surprised when I called home and asked her to read it off to me. I finished my call and looked up to find an elderly gentleman  a few feet away smiling at me. He held up the smart phone in his hand and said,

“You should put your list on your phone. Then you would never forget it. That’s what I do.” I held up my own dinosaur of a phone and told him that I didn’t think mine had that capability. He shook his head frowning.

“Well, I guess it’s time you got yourself a new phone!” He nodded his head and headed off down the aisle.

I was chuckling as I started off in the other direction. My kids are always telling me how technically challenged I am but this was the first time I was showed up by an octogenarian! I hadn’t bothered to tell him that even if my phone did have a list app I would still write one out by hand because I’m a pen and paper kind of girl!

I was also thinking how great it was that this gentleman was so tech savvy. Many seniors are intimidated or scared to death by all the new gadgets out today. My mother stubbornly refused to learn how to use a computer and many of her friends were the same way but here was someone of their generation who had not only embraced technology but used it to his advantage! That’s a guy who knows the secret to staying young. Guess I might need to step up my game!

You know, however that I will not be sharing this story with my children. They would never let me live it down!!