Christmas Postathon…Day 2

A holiday song you like to sing along to

I have always thought that Christmas Caroling looked really neat….however I don’t really like the cold and I’m not too crazy about walking either so I have my own version. I drive around in my car and sing along really loudly with the Christmas songs on the radio. Not only is it fun but there is the added bonus of embarrassing my children if they happen to be in the car with me. Hubby and I dance in our seat and sing along to the radio the rest of the year so why should December be any different, right?

Today’s prompt, you will notice, does not ask for your “favorite holiday song”. I would not have been able to pick just one. I have different favorites depending on what I’m doing or what mood I’m in.

If I want to feel really warm and sentimental, I would listen to Johnny Mathis sing The Christmas Song, or Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. If I’m decorating or baking cookies, I would put on Christmas in Sarajevo or the Waitresses singing Christmas Wrapping and when I hear songs like Silent Night or The First Noel I just want to soak in the spirit of the Season…

And if I’m driving around in my car the song I most enjoy sing along (loudly and off key) to is…

All I have to hear is the opening beats and I get stupid giddy and excited. The energy and fun just keep me pumped.

So what’s you favorite?