If We Were Having Coffee…9/4/16


Welcome! Come in! Let me get you some coffee. It’s fresh and hot and rather strong (sorry, that my coffee MO) and we have some donuts from the local supermarket to go with. Hubby hasn’t had much time to bake so I’m afraid there aren’t any homemade goodies to share. Maybe next time.ūüėä

If we were having coffee…on this brilliant Sunday morning I would suggest we raise our mugs and offer a toast to the last weekend of my summer break. (BOO and YAY!) As you can see, I have mixed feelings on the subject. While I am getting a teeny bit bored and longing for a bit more of a routine, I hate the idea of ¬†forcing myself to go to bed at a certain time and dragging myself back up at 6:15 every morning. On the plus side, I will be getting a paycheck again. Our summer savings account is evaporating quickly and it is time to start adding instead of subtracting.

Like the man said “All good things must come to an end.” It has been a fun summer and I managed quite a few things on my Bucket List¬†thanks to that last minute surge in motivation I found last month. I still didn’t manage to get to a museum, though, (you win that one Cindy!) I do love my job and I am looking forward to catching up with my coworkers and the amazing kids at the school so I guess that’s my silver lining.

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that I missed last week’s coffee post because my weekend was consumed with kitten duty! If you recall, we discovered two tiny black kittens in our back yard a few weeks ago. There was a third grey kitten and a momma as well but we were only able to get the black male ones to trust us. They were obviously the rebel ¬†brothers of the family, ready to make friends with the local humans. It turned out to be lucky too, because momma kitty stopped coming around all together and these little guys were left on their own.

Steve, the vocal brother...

Steve, the vocal brother…

We set up a nice little apartment in the garage for them (I was afraid to let them near Jack and Chrissy untill I had them checked at the vet). D-man’s step mom, who has rescued countless stray cats in her time, helped me bathe them in Dawn dish soap, which according to the vet, safely takes care of fleas on kittens that young and loaned me various itmes to make their stay more comfortable.

Bucky, the quiet cuddlier...

Bucky, the quiet cuddlier…

They were SO sweet and clever, purring their way into everyone’s hearts! Miss Dee named them Steve and Bucky (Captain America fans will get it) and introduced them to all of her friends who, of course, fell in love immediately. Because they were still so little (about 5 or 6 weeks), they required feeding several times a day. I was mixing kitten food with canned kitten formula (yes, they have such a thing) and they were scarfing it down. I felt like I had a newborn baby again, they were always in the back of my mind…”Are they safe? Is it time to feed them? Are they warm/cool enough? I found myself feeling a little stressed out!

We enjoyed their company for a little over a week and I know that if the perfect home hadn’t come along, they would have ended up joining our family however, Hubby’s step-mom came to the rescue again. She happened to mention to her nextdoor neighbors, two lovely ladies that she has know for thirty-some years, that we had found two stray kittens. The ladies told her that they had been thinking it was time to add another cat to their family since their elderly kitty had passed away last year and that two little black kittens sounded like a perfect fit for their family. At last report, the boys were getting along famously, having totally charmed the family, including their ten year old German sheppard and, basically running the show. They renamed them Simon and Rudy. Miss Dee didn’t approve but she was glad they had a happy new home and that we have visitation rights anytime we wish.

If we were having coffee..I would tell you that we have done lots other “non-kitten” related stuff this week like purchasing Miss Dee’s text books for school, (her classes start on Wednesday and don’t even get me started about the cost of text books!), spending a day down the shore with my sister and her family, and dancing the night away listening to our friend Vinny’s band, but since I’ve been talking for most of our visit, I think it’s time to give you the floor. How was your¬†week? Did you go dancing or spend exuberant ¬†amounts of money on school supplies? Are you or your children heading back to school this week or has that ship already sailed? Let me refill your cup and you can fill me in.

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The Weekly Smile…Kittens!

This past Monday as I was standing on a ladder with my head deep in the branches of the nectarine tree I was trimming, I heard Hubby, (who was holding the ladder steady for me) mutter,”Oh my!”

At first I thought he was commenting on my mad pruning skills or perhaps the shape of my legs but when I followed his gaze I notice two little black furry faces peering up at us from the corner of the yard!

The neighbor next to us and the neighbor behind us each have six foot privacy fences. They come together in the back right hand corner of our yard but instead of intersecting, they form a 8 inch alley along the back between the two fences. The end of this alley opens into our yard and, apparently, a local kitty cat (we’ve been trying to find out if she has a home or not) decided this was a perfect place to have her babies.

I guess Momma was off foraging somewhere because a couple of her curious little kittens thought they would come and see what Hubby and I were up to. These two were all black with bright blue eyes and are obviously the rebels in the family. ¬†Their third litter mate, a gray one, stayed way back in the shadows watching them. I could almost hear her admonishing them for their reckless behavior…

“You guys better not go out there. ¬†Momma’s gonna be mad!” Anybody ever see the “Aristocats”? The grey kitty is definitely a Marie.

So now we have kittens in our yard.

My friend Donna, the lady in Virgina with the 17 cats, tells¬†me that they look to be about 5 weeks old and should stop nursing soon. We have been giving them some food mixed with kitty formula a few times a day and have set up a comfy little apartment for them right outside their hidey hole. The two black ones are very social and will hang out and play but the grey on is still too shy. ¬†Momma cat shows up each evening to feed them so I have been ¬†putting some food out for her too but she won’t eat till I go back inside.

The plan is to keep feeding and socializing the kittens till they are old enough to be weaned. ¬†Then we hope to trap the whole family so we can take them to the vet and find them homes. ¬† I have a sneaky feeling we may end up keeping one of them. Not sure how Jack and Chrissy will feel about that but just look at these¬†fur babies. They are just so stinkin’ cute!!!!

image image-PAXP-deijE

See, I dare you not to smile. ūüėä

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