If We Were Having Coffee…3/12/16


If we were having coffee….I would welcome you in and pour you a cup of nice strong brew. Yesterday, as a nod to the Spring like weather, I  treated myself to an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. It was very yummy but,  by the time I finished it I was suffering caffeine overload! For some reason, iced coffee affects me that way, and since I don’t want to spend  the rest of this evening with my hands shaking, I’m serving just plain old French roast today.

I would ask you about your week. Has there been anything new happening in your corner of the world? Seen any good movies? Read any good books? I’ve just started reading “Brooklyn” by Colm Toibin. I never did get to see the movie but now that I’ve started the book, I won’t want to see it till I’m finished. Then I will compare the two and tell you all about it!

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that our week started off with a bang. Hubby and Mr D spent part of Monday night and Tuesday morning at the hospital emergency room. My clever son took a floor to the face while playing basketball and ended up getting nine stiches across the bottom of his chin. He said the doctor referred to it as a “gaping wound” but told him that he was lucky  it was a nice straight cut so it should heal fine. When he was sixteen, he broke his front tooth in half playing basketball. I don’t know if his face can take much more of this sport! I’m glad that baseball season starts next week.

The intramural basketball games Mr D plays in at the college start at 10 pm for some reason so by the time he called to tell us about the injury it was 11:00 and Hubby and I were both asleep.

“What’s the matter?” I muttered, half asleep, knowing that the fact that he was calling instead of sending a text automatically meant a crisis of some kind.

“Well, he’s the thing,” he began, “Andrew is driving me home in my car. I cut my chin playing ball and I think dad is going to need to take me to get stitches.”

I asked him the next day why he wanted his father to take him when I’m usually the parent who handles medical type issues but he said because it was so late he didn’t want me sitting in the waiting room alone (everybody say “Awww”). Actually, I think he figured if he had to sit there for a while the conversation would be better with his dad. They could swap sport injury tales.

I’m fine with that. In fact, in very un-mom like fashion, I fell back to sleep after they left. I intended to wait up, really but my body disagreed. Good thing too, because they didn’t get home till after 3am! Poor Hubby had to get up three hours later to go to work. Mr D slept till after lunch.

If we were having coffee…I would appologize for rambling on and offer to refill your cup. It looks as if the day is leaning toward rain here so perhaps we should just relax indoors for a while. We can visit with the other Weekend Coffee Shares folks  over at Part Time Monster. Sounds like a great plan to me!