Thanks to the gale force winds that came with Tuesday’s storm and the fact that we live in a town filled with stately old trees that don’t always do so well in storms, we’ve spent the last four days without power. It was an adventure for us moving from one relative to another each night looking for a cool bed. I also found it rather interesting to see exactly what each family member missed most and how we dealt with our forced vacation from all things electric!

My Hubby’s biggest obstical  was the lack of air conditioning and televised sporting events. Even though the temperature was somewhat mild  he was still anxious about sleeping in a warm house. To be fair, his personal thermostat does tend to run hot and if he’s uncomfortable he gets downright cranky!! Then, on Friday, the coach of the Philadelphia Phillies, our local team, up and resigned! Hubby was out of the loop! He had no news feed, no inside information, no Sports Talk radio!

Miss Dee suffered from lack of music and privacy.Her favorite form of relaxation is to lock herself in her room and listen to music, watch music videos and do whatever else teenage girls do when they’re locked in their rooms! Even just hanging out in her room was difficult because she only has one window that is tucked in a dormer so there was very little light and since heat rises it was dang hot up there! To top it off her bathroom upstairs has no window so she was forced to use our bathroom and (gasp) shower with the window shade up!

My son, Mr D. mostly just missed having a place to plug in his phone. Fortunately he has several friends in town that still had power so he just bounced from place to place with his phone charger in his hand.  Like most teenage boys, he can sleep anywhere under any circumstances so he just spent the night wherever he could and since he had to work quite a bit, he was busy anyway.

Me, I missed being able to sleep in my own house. I don’t enjoy being someone else’s company for too long. I like my own place, my routine, my alone time. I would have stayed home in the heat and the dark but Hubby and Miss Dee seemed to think air conditioning and electronic entertainment were needed. I was okay with my books and sketch pad as long as I had batteries for my book light!

I guess as far as electrical devices go, I missed my hairdryer the most. I’m a little weird about my hair and I hated not being able to style it properly. I missed the Internet of course, and having to throw away all the food from the warm refrigerator was also painful, but if that’s the worst there is it’s hard to complain too much!

So we survived the great blackout of 2015 and grew stronger as a family! Well, at the very least, we managed not to drive each other crazy! At this moment Miss Dee is in her room, Mr D. is at work, Hubby is napping, I’m typing away on my iPad and I’m thinking that it was actually kind of nice being forced to spend time together talking.  Seems a little too quiet now.