Surviving the Prom

STAND BACK, People!! We are in full PROM MODE! (as opposed to “partial prom mode” which we have been in since February).

You know, I knew that sending a girl to the prom would be different than sending a boy I just didn’t realize how intense the whole experience would be! When my son went last year my only job was ordering the flowers for his date. Hubby took him for the tux and we took a few pictures. 

Piece of cake. 

This year my girl child, Miss Dee, is hitting the prom and it’s a lot different!

Flashback to February…

Intense dress shopping: We hit every store in the tricounty area looking for a dress that fit her taste and my budget. We finally buy one that’s not perfect but better than nothing. It’s returnable. Then we search the Internet. I’m a little  reluctant to order online because I’d heard horror stories about poor quality and “no return” policies, but one pops up that is exactly what we had been searching and it’s  40% off!  Be still my heart!

Dress arrives and it looks very nice. Now we have two. I decide to worry about the extra dress at a later date. First we need shoes!

Intense shoe shopping: We hit every shoe store in the tricounty area looking for gold tone heels that are not too high and not too expensive.  I mean, how often will she wear gold shoes, right? Finally we find a pair for $24 at this out-of-the-way store that we come across totally by accident. Yay! 

Now that we have the dress and the shoes we need to have the dress hemmed. Luckily, I have a dear friend who spent many years making costumes for her daughters’ school plays and she offers to alter the dress as a favor. Yay, again.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday. We hit the optometrist because  “Glasses just don’t work for the Prom, Mom!” Now this is a girl who has been wearing glasses since second grade and has attempted to put in contact lenses before to no avail. Well, apparently nothing motivates a teenage girl like a formal dance! She popped those babies right in! The doctor is impressed and tells Miss Dee to practice wearing them a little longer each day just to get her eyes used to them.

That brings us to this week. Here is the plan…

Monday: Hang dress in bathroom after shower to help steam some of the wrinkles; wear contacts for 4 hours.

Tuesday: Have eyebrows waxed; wear contacts for 5 hours

Wednesday: Revisit optometrist to get final eye check and pick up supply of lenses.

Thursday: Paint nails (pink undercoat topped with a coat of glitter and a clear top coat); steam remaining wrinkles out of dress

Friday: PROM DAY! 

12:30: School lets out early. Shower; touch up nails.

2:30: Hair appointment.

4:00: Do make-up and get dressed

5:30: Additional prom goers,  parents of prom goers and Miss Dee’s Grandparents arrive for photos and fussing. Snacks will be served.

6:30: Rented car arrives to sweep Prom goers off to their evening of fun!!! 

6:35: I kick back with a large glass of wine and wait to hear all the details!

Whew!!! Is anyone else as exhausted as I am?!


The Art of the Promposal

If you have a 16 year old girl in your house you might have heard the word “prom” mentioned 1 or 2(million) times over the past month. It seems as soon as the holiday season was over, my daughter and her friends dived right into prom season. The actual event isn’t until May but there is SO much to plan!! <OMG> I do think it’s really cool that girls no longer have to wait around for a boy to ask them. They now feel comfortable doing the asking themselves or it’s also totally acceptable for them to just go with a group of friends. I mean, really it’s not about dates anyway. Prom is a rite of passage. It’s about celebrating your high school years. It’s about food and music and getting all dressed up. It’s about hanging with your friends. But, first, before all of that, it’s about the Promposal! 

For anyone not familiar with this term, you can Google it or check out some videos on YouTube but simply put a Promposal is a fancy or creative way to ask someone to the prom. To be fair, it’s usually someone that you know in advance will say “yes” so no one gets embarrassed. When you live in a small town, like we do, you naturally know everyone and therefore know everyone’s business as well.  Over the years I have heard of or witnessed lots of interesting promposels.

Even my son who is now in college was bitten by the bug. The first time he asked his girlfriend to the prom, he was hosting the school talent show. He and his rented tux went down into the audience with the microphone and a dozen roses and asked her in front of the entire audience. It was a moment! The second time he asked (same girl) was during their senior class trip to Disney World. He enlisted the help of her favorite character, Ariel, by asking her to pass a note while they were having their photo taken with her! He has his father’s romantic tendencies!

Here are a few more of my favorites:

  • Boy and Girl are at band practice. Boy asks Girl to please get his guitar for him. When she opens the case, instead of finding the guitar she finds it filled with roses and a note…
  • Boy has pizza delivered to Girls house with “PROM?” spelled out in pepperoni…
  • Girl has friend deliver a wristwatch to Boy in the cafeteria with a note saying “Isn’t it about time we went to the prom?”
  • Boy, who is lucky enough to have an uncle who has connections with the town road works department, “borrows” one of those electronic blinking road signs (the ones that tell you “road work ahead” or “lane ends”) and programs it to blink “KATIE, PROM? ❤️ JOE”. Then they place it on the road she takes to and from school. She got a lot of calls from her friends that day!…
  • With the Principal’s permission, Boy invites Girl to Prom during the morning announcements…
  • And, romantic in its simplicity, Boy has a huge crush on very sweet and pretty girl who lived in France for most of her life. He figures out how to write “Will you go to Prom with me?” in French and gives her a bouquet and a note in homeroom. Her answer? “Oui!”

I’m curious. Does this crazy practice go on all over or just here in the Northeastern US? If anyone has any other Promposels stories to share, I’d love to hear them!!