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Christmas Postathon Day 15

Holiday Cards

I admit, I’m one of those people who love writing out Christmas cards (I also like filling out forms. I’m weird that way), although I don’t enjoy it as much when I am short on time and have to hurry and get them done. The joy is in taking time to write a personal note in each card and give a fancy little flourish to the signatures. I have even been known to purchase special pens to write them with and colorful stickers just to make the envelopes look especially festive!


Picking out the right cards is important too. Just like in wrapping paper, I tend to lean toward old fashioned Christmas themes, Santa and winter scenes with sleighs and sparkly trees. Hubby picks up what ever he finds at the dollar store,  but he writes his own cards so that is totally his call. I buy bargain cards too but mine are expensive cards that have been marked way down. I was excited this year because I found a whole box of really top grade cards at the thrift store for one dollar! Yay, me!


One of my childhood Christmas cards

For a few years, when I was about 11 or 12, my mom asked me to design Christmas cards for us to send out. I would come up with an idea each year and then draw the picture on white paper. Mom and my sister came up with a verse for the inside and then we had them printed at a local shop. It was a lot of fun and made me feel like quite the little artist!

Recieving cards is a thrill for me too. Each day when I grab the mail I can’t wait to see how many we have received. I’ve noticed, though, that not as many people have been sending cards the past few years. Maybe it’s the expenses or perhaps they feel actual mail is a thing of the past! Not me! We open and read each one then they are taped to the inside of our front door, just like when I was little, so everyone can admire them. There they stay till well after Christmas. If it’s an especially lovely card, I will save it and use it for decorations or crafts.

What a great gift – Christmas Art delivered right to your door!