If We Were Having Coffee…9/9/22- Enjoying the Beautiful Day

Good morning friends! Welcome! There are several coffee pods to choose from (including a dark roast espresso I picked up by accident), a variety of teas and some hot chocolate if that’s your thing. Please fill a cup and pull up a seat.

The weather here in Southern NJ is crisp and fall like. The air smells fresh and the leaves are just starting to show their colors. A few friends are visiting Maine this weekend and posted photos of the beautiful fall leave there. I hope we will be enjoying that here soon.

Yesterday, Miss Dee and I enjoyed a visit to the nearby arts and craft store. Always a dangerous trip for me because I tend to spend way too much money! I was lucky enough to have a 20% off coupon so that saved me a bit. Miss Dee was looking for a wooden shelf to match the one she already has in her room. I was shopping for ribbon and some colorful paper. My project lately has been making bookmarks to give as gifts this Christmas. I figured they could be tucked inside our Christmas cards and sent to friends and family I won’t see in person. The ribbon is to decorate the top and the paper is for the back of the bookmarks just to give them more stability. I am also thinking of different ways to seal them since I don’t have access to a laminator. One person online suggested packing tape or clear contact. Hmm? Might require some thought. Any of my crafty blog friends have any ideas?

We are enjoying watching our Philadelphia Phillies take part in the playoffs this year. It’s been 11 long years since they have made it this far. My husband has been looking into tickets to one of the home games for him and young Mr D. I’m fine watching from home, bathrooms closer and I can afford the snacks. 🙂 Miss Dee has a serious crush on third baseman Alec Bohm so she is hoping he plays well. Last season her friends took her to a game and got her seats in the second row near third base in hopes of getting his attention. Unfortunately he was injured and didn’t play that game. Poor girl can’t get a break. She’s sure if she could just meet him they would fall immediately in love. Ah, to be young again!

So how are you all spending your weekend? We in the public school system have a long weekend thanks to Indigenous People’s day (formerly known as Columbus Day. ) I’m trying to use the extra days off wisely. Hubby decorated the yard for Halloween and gave the lawn, hopefully, the last mowing and I finished up the indoor decorations this week as well. I suppose I will have to break down and so some cleaning today but I’m pretty sure I can sneak in a walk in the sunshine and a little time with a good book as well.

Hope you all have an awesome day. Take time to enjoy the moment and don’t forget to visit the other coffee share posts hosted by our friend Natalie The Explorer.


The Weekly Smile-Welcome Back #26

“The Man” himself, former Philadelphia Philly, Chase Utley made a very welcome return trip to Citizen Bank Park last night. This was his first appearance at the Philadelphia stadium since he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers last August. When he walked out on the field for his first at bat, the fans eagerly gave him a standing ovation and cheered for a full two minutes before they settled down enough for the pitcher to throw out the first pitch. The players from both teams joined in on the applause as well. It truly warmed my heart to see such a good guy honored this way. You must be something pretty special for the opposing team and their fan base to welcome you that way.

imageChase, (he’s such a “regular guy” that it’s hard to refer to him as “Mr Utley”) was a staple in our home from the time he debuted with the Phillies in 2003. Mr D, who was 8 years old at the time and already a few years into little league, idolized  Chase from the start. ” Watch this guy hit,” he would say or “Did you see that amazing play Chase made?!” There was just something really special about him and when Mr D started playing high school baseball and was able to choose his number, he always wore #26 just like his idol.

imageThe more I saw of the Phillies’ second baseman the bigger fan I became too. He was so much fun to watch! You could see how much he loved the game and was always giving 110% every play, every game. He gave just that much to his team and the fans too, leading by example, training hard, showing up for every practice prepared and ready to go and treating the fans (especially the kids) with humility and grace. In interviews he was always gracious and humble, owning up to any mistakes and lauding his teammates on their accomplishments.

When the rumors started last season, that the Phillies were considering trading Chase, I thought “No! Say it ain’t so!” He was, by far, the most popular well loved player on the team leading the Phillies twice to the playoffs and the World Series Championship in 2008. I don’t pretend to understand what goes on in the minds of managers and team owners but for some reason they decided it was time for Chase to move on. His leaving made me really sad, (Miss Dee was totally beside herself swearing to never attend another game) and made the Phillies games much less fun to watch. At the time, Chase, who is a native of Los Angeles, told the press that he was sad to leave and had hoped to finish out his career in Philadelphia but if he had to be traded he was glad it was to the Dodgers, the team he had cheered on as a kid. He also took out a full page newspaper ad the following week thanking the Phillies and the fans for the years of love and support.

Class act, that #26.

That’s why when the crowd was cheering on Chase Utley last night and while he was tipping his hat to the crowd looking overwhelmed and a little embarrassed, probably anxious to just start the game,  I was in my living room smiling and clapping just as loud.

Play ball!


imageThe Weekly Smile is brought to you courtesy of Trent’s World. Make sure to stop by and check out the rest of the “smiles” and maybe even share one of your own!

If We Were Having Coffee….9/20/15

Happy Sunday morning! It’s a bit cloudy here in South Jersey but the chance of rain is zero percent. This post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share brought to you by Diana at Part Time Monster . Stop by and check out the other great posts! image

If we were having coffee…I would tell you that we actually could use some rain around here. It has been so dry that the grass is crunchy and most of my plants are brown. The porch is covered with leaves and the wind is whipping about so, unfortunately, we are forced to have our coffee inside this morning.😞

I would tell you that most of my weekend so far has been spent watching girls hit little yellow balls back and forth. Miss Dee is competing in the county tennis tournament. After several long matches yesterday and into last night she and her doubles partner, Miss Jess have advanced to the finals!! (Guess what I’ll be doing again today?) Hubby will be hanging out for a bit before he heads off to the first home game of his team the Philadelphia Eagles. They are playing their ultimate rivals the Dallas Cowboy today so he is intense! And Mr D headed out the door at 8am to play baseball so today we are all about sports around here!! (Except for me, I’m the head cheerleader😊).

If we were having coffee…I would share that Hubby and I are a bit worried about Mr D. He has been going full tilt for weeks now and being older and more experienced, (although our 20 year old son would probably not acknowledge that), we know that something is going to have to give. He will either have to cut back on his hours at work, spend less time socializing or stop playing baseball (school is a non-negotionable). Stay tuned to see which it will be.

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that my first full week at work went much smoother than the beginning few days of the school year. We are settling into a routine and I finally know where I’m suppose to be most of the time. We have just begun our science unit by discussing the “Scientific Method” and the steps we will be taking while doing our experiments. By next week I should have some interesting science tidbits to share.

Well, I need to go spend some time catching up with my life before I head out to watch some more tennis. Feel free to have another cup of coffee. I’ll take the rest of mine on the run! See you next Sunday!