Trivia Tuesday!!!

Summer STEAM Camp is almost upon us! For those of you wondering, STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. This summer’s theme is “Inventions and Inventors” and I’m pretty darn excited about it! My buddy Jill, the head camp honcho, has tasked me with putting together an Inventors Scavenger Hunt and I am discovering all kinds of things I never knew before about how some of the most common stuff came to be.

Here’s a little snippet of invention trivia just to get your Tuesday morning started!

BubbleWrap, that fun and indispensable packing item was discover quite by accident by two guys who were trying to invent 3D wall paper!

True story!

In 1957, inventors Marc Shuvon and Alfred Fielding, convinced (for some reason) that 3D wallpaper would be a real money maker, glued two shower curtains together trapping air bubbles in between. The wall paper idea turned out to be a dud but they soon discovered another, more lucrative, use for their invention.

I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who enjoys popping the bubbles. It’s very therapeutic but, if I had one wish, it would be for Marc and Alfred to have discovered a biodegradable material with which to make their wrap. Let’s face it, once made, bubble wrap never goes away. We always reuse any that comes into our house. In fact, I recently discovered a way to paint with it like this…

…and, according to home improvement guy Bob Villa, there’s a bunch of other uses too, from insulating your windows to padding your hangers!

Seems like Fielding and Shuvon with their wall paper idea were thinking pretty small in comparison.😊


If We Were Having Coffee…7/17/16


Good morning!

If we were having coffee…on this humid, sticky Sunday here in Southern New Jersey, we would surely abandon the porch in favor of the air conditioned kitchen. I would still opt for some nice hot coffee because that’s the only thing that gets me going in the morning but there are plenty of cold beverages available that I would offer to you. I would also encourage you to try one (or three) of the fresh made cream puffs that I picked up yesterday at  “Chloe’s Cream Puffs” downtown.  Let me tell you, Chloe really knows her stuff! I picked up a selection….three key lime flavored, three cookies and cream, three Kaluha (think I already ate all those, though) and then some regular chocolate and vanilla. Feel free. They aren’t really breakfast foods but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t 😉.

If we were having coffee…you might mention my lack of blog posts as of late. My only excuse is that summer vacation has really screwed up my productivity. I’m trying to work on that. In all fairness, I was busy last week with “STEAM Camp.” I’ve been getting ready, creating projects for it for so long that the actual four days of camp seemed to just fly by. Everything went pretty well and we are already thinking about next summer.

The two teachers that put it together did such a great job and worked so hard. I was glad to see it all pay off for them. The 38 campers, from 4th to 7th grade, had a blast! They shot off soda bottle rockets and made telescopes. They learned about centrifugal force and built roller coasters employing it, as well as creating 3D Ferris wheels. They spent one whole day helping  solve a fictitious 100 year old mystery by examining various types of fingerprints and discovering how to create chemical reactions in order to identify different substances. I learned a quite a bit myself!!

If we were having coffee…I would probably tell you that I have loads more stuff to share but today is Miss Dee’s 18th birthday and we have plans to take her out and celebrate so I must get myself moving. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you have the time to visit the rest of the Coffee Share Posts.

Happy Sunday!!