Let the Summer Begin!

Another school year is finished. This is always a bitter sweet time for me.

For the next two months I won’t have to say things like “Focus! Sound it out.” or “If there’s more on the floor, trade next door!” (it’s a math thing). Most importantly, I will not have to say “Keep you hands on your own lunch!” and “Chew with your mouth closed.” I won’t miss that at all!

I will, however, miss the smiles and the hugs. I’ll also miss the stories and the conversations, because you just never know what a child will say! Those things are some of the best parts of my day!

I really won’t miss getting up at 6am. I am not a morning person. Never have been and I hate having to make myself go to bed at a respectable time just so I can function the next day.

I will, however miss the time that goes with having an early morning. In the summer, I end up sleeping till 9:00 or 10:00 and the day is half over before I even get in the shower!

I won’t miss repeating  a concept over and over because sometimes that’s what it takes to truly understand. I could do without having to go back to the beginning when I was hoping we were ready to move on.

I will miss seeing that little spark of excitement when a student realizes he finally  understands something he was beginning to think he never would.  Also, there is that look of pride a child gets when they are able to read an entire book or finish a math page without asking for help even once.  That I will miss.

I won’t miss ironing clothes for work or making lunches or trying to fit all my errands and cleaning into two days. But I’ll miss my coworkers and the routine and the challenges, big and small.

I will enjoy my time off for sure. I know it’s a gift that most people don’t get and I truly appreciate the break but by the time September comes I’ll be ready to go back to work.  I know my enthusiasm meter will be back up to full tilt by then and I’ll be ready for anything…even lunch duty. 😊


6 thoughts on “Let the Summer Begin!

  1. I feel much the same from a mommy point-of-view. There are good points and bad points. As for me, I love sleeping in, more time with my kids, and I sure don’t miss all the paperwork!
    But I miss structure, and by August, I’ll be ready to get some quiet time 🙂

    • I remember that feeling from when my children were little. Being able to do so much together was fun and we made some of our best memories just doing everyday stuff. My hubby is home all summer too so by September I was ready for them ALL to go back to school!! Pretty sure my husband was more than ready too! 😉

    • Thanks so much. I’m thinking that the beginning of your school year is going to be much more exciting than mine!! What ages will you be teaching in Egypt?

      • I have grade 4, a grade that I have loved in the past. Still young, not too cliquey, still like the teacher, but usually old enough to be more responsible and able to do varied activities. Although grade 4 in Egypt may look like grade 3 English wise… as it is ESL for them.

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