Introverts Unite!

Yesterday I came across an article online called “25 Signs That You Might be an Introvert”. Now I’ve always figured I was more of an introvert than an extrovert but I was surprised at how many traits I actually have including some weird little quirks that drive my family up a wall! For example:

Introverts dislike small talkI put off getting my hair cut for this very reason! Making small talk with the hairdresser is painful!!! Waiting rooms are just as bad. I always take a book so I can avoid eye contact.

Introverts don’t like to be surrounded on all sides.Yep, I like the aisle seat and at big parties I tend to stay near the door. Even in school, I sat around the edges of the classroom.

Introverts need quiet time to “recharge”…I get very crabby if I have too much to do. Hubby knows not to plan things for two nights in a row. Which brings me to the next trait….

Introverts tend to be in relationships with extroverts…True again. Hubby paces if he has too much free time. The whole concept of a “lazy Sunday” is totally lost on him. The article said that we marry extroverts so we can “ride on their fun bubble”! He does do most of the social planning. If he didn’t we probably would never go out!

Introverts have an ongoing inner dialogue….I’m a little embarrassed to find out that not everyone does this. I mean, I talked out this post in my head 10 times before I started typing!

Introverts don’t like talking on the phone….Caller ID is my best friend. I much prefer email or text. I can think things out first (see above).

Introverts notice the little things and are very good with detail oriented work….I am the official form filler of the family and I have always handled the finances including balancing the checkbook. Also, when I go to the movies or shows  I tend to notice stuff my companions don’t regarding the plot and characters. This is probably why I love to read mysteries.

According to the article, being introverted is not the same as being shy. My children will tell you that I am not the least bit shy. They often complain that I will talk to anyone-“OMG, Mom! You’re embarrassing me!!” It’s just that introverts need quiet time. They recharge their energy by being alone. Extroverts do this by being around people.

So being an introvert is not a bad thing and it’s pretty nice to know that my personality actually makes sense!  As far as the whole “Introverts Unite” thing? Well, maybe it would be better if we just grab a good book and find a quiet spot to read instead.😊





5 thoughts on “Introverts Unite!

  1. Haha so true! Thanks for sharing with me. Though my husband tends to be introverted but he has southern charm so I like to think they balance each other out. But, as far as being detail oriented that is me to the T!

  2. This post has also caught my attention, mainly because this is the second time I’ve heard “Introverts Unite” this week. The phrase is kind of ironic to be honest, but it’s one I appreciate being an ISTJ. I really love the positivity in the post!

    • I guess it would make more sense to say “Introverts Unite, once in a while, for a bit, till we are ready to go home and recharge” 😉

  3. I have every one of those traits except the being surrounded one and I am a scorching extrovert. Like, laughing so loud with the cheese guy in the health food store that the entire building turns around to gawk–that kind of extrovert.

    A more finely tuned label, if you’ll excuse the pun, is Highly Sensitive Person. The Sensitives come in every variety but the most challenging is my particular brand: the Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person. We are extroverted, yet need space, like heavy metal music, but need silence, can’t go 48 hours without people, yet need an escape hatch at all times, are adrenaline junkies, but self-implode if our limits are stretched. It’s like dancing on a razor blade.

    I’ve tried to conform to one group or the other. No go. I yam what I yam. Buckle up, everyone, and enjoy the ride until it comes to a screeching halt at 9 PM.

    • Thanks for stopping by! We definitely all have many sides to our personalities and even though you and I share a lot of traits I think my hills and valleys are a bit less dramatic than yours (I’m more classic rock than heavy metal)! BTW-the whole cheese guy bit cracked me up! I guess it’s like you said, we should all relax and enjoy the ride! 😊

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