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imageWell, Miss Dee passed her road test. She is now a licensed driver. (Yikes!!) As Hubby and I watched her back out of the drive yesterday in her snappy little yellow Beetle,  I distracted myself from having a full blown mom-panic attack by reminiscing about my first car…

It was the summer of 1981, I was a high school graduate working full-time still trying to decide if college was for me. My current mode of transportation was mom’s 1962 Dodge Dart, a car that I’m pretty sure was virtually indestructible. It was a five speed on the column and had really great pick up. My brother had learned to drive on it, then me but my mom was ready to have her car back so I started looking for my own.

I scoured the newspaper ads for a few weeks and finally found a car that looked promising. It was a 1973 Mercury Comet, dark green with a white vinyl roof. The woman who was selling it was an English teacher who only used it to drive to school and back so it had very few miles. Being an 18 year old girl, I based my decision solely on how the car looked.  It was pretty, so I loved it! My dad, however felt the need to check out the practical stuff. You know, was it leaking oil, how did the tires look, did the breaks work, silly stuff like that. I was so worried that my dad would find something wrong with the car and tell me not to buy it but it actually checked out ok. Yay!! Here is a photo of me and my baby…


Let’s not even talk about the hair, okay? (It was the 80’s 😳)If you notice, though, I’m holding a stack of library books so some things never change. The Comet cost me $900.00 which I borrowed from my Grandmother.  I paid her back $75.00 a month till it was paid off. Boy, I loved that car! I cleaned it and personalized it, making it my own. My little piece of adulthood! My independence!

How about you? Did you have a first car?


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  1. About two years before I got married my parents bought a peppy, sporty little car called a Plymouth Sapporo. Stick shift, so that is when I learned to drive stick shift. Loved that car, and asked my parents if they would sell it to me when I got married, due to how much I loved it. Obviously, they said no. Sadly, a year later it was involved in a wreck (not my parents’ fault) and it was totaled. Fortunately, my parents came out of that wreck relatively unscathed! I’ve never seen a Sapporo since, but it was a fun car.

  2. Summer of 1981 is when I got married, at the ripe old age of – 19! That is when I got my first car, as being married, and going to school, in Atlanta, Ga. was going to require a car. My first ever car, I could call my own , was a Mercury Capri hatchback. Loved that car! Stick shift. I think I drove stick shift until sometime in my early thirties. I can still drive one, and I still enjoy it when I do, but it’s not something I want to drive every day anymore. BTW, I would have liked your first car, too. Dark green is my favorite color!

    • See, another Mercury! They must have been pretty good cars. I can drive a shift but I don’t really like to. Seems like too much work!!! My Hubby always had one up until this most recent car.

      • I always thought stick shifts were fun to drive. Still do, but……….did something to my left knee so if I end up in heavy traffic and have to depress the clutch for too long, it IS too much like work! haha

  3. I love her yellow VW Bug! That’s a pretty zippy little first car 🙂

    I didn’t get my first car until after university and I had been working for almost 2 years. I was 700 km away from home and living paycheque to paycheque … not a good combination for buying a car.

    • True. Both my children were quite lucky to be able to get a car right away and they realize that. They had very healthy savings accounts thanks birthday and Christmas presents from very generous grandparents and other family members. Now they are responsible for upkeep and gas. Insurance is big expense in NJ. Especially if you are a young man so that one will be on our plate for a few more years. 😕

  4. How cool! Your daughter looks a lot like you in your TBT photo. My first car was a 1971 volvo sedan I got for HS graduation in 1978. I paid my grandpa back $75 a month. It was a stick which took me about a month to figure out without stalling it at every light. I also drove my grandma’s Dodge Dart–loved that car!

    • That’s so funny that you had a Dodge Dart too!! I don’t like driving a stick now but it’s always good to know. I’ve heard that Volvos are really well built cars that last forever.

    • …and a lot of people say that my daughter and I look alike, especially people who knew me at her age, but I don’t see it myself. 😊

  5. I was a weird young person, and rejected my parents interest in sports cars. It just didn’t suit me. They purchased a 1987 Plymouth Horizon (I only had to pay insurance and gas.) I was so thrilled it had a hatchback! I became the carpool driver for several girls in my area. That car took me all the way through college and then I got a Neon, which I drove for another ten years. When we moved to Georgia, I sold my Neon and we were a one car family for NINE YEARS. In June, I finally got a car again, a brand spankin’ new Chevy 🙂 I’ve always wanted a vintage pick-up, but I gotta say, I love my new car!
    I now wonder why I don’t have photos of myself in front of my cars. I really was weird, huh? lol

    • Well, I’ve had a half dozen cars but I only have a photo with my first. I tend to keep them for as long as I can too. I had a little Hyundai hatchback when I met my hubby and I resisted selling it until I finally got tired of trying to hook my son in the back seat of a two door car! I felt like a contortionist!

    • Cool! My first boyfriend’s dream car was a GTO! He never got one but he lusted after everyone he saw on the road, I think a Jeep is a perfect first car for a boy. My son would love one too.

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