Christmas Postathon Day 3

Christmas lighTs


Each December my father would hang a string of colored lights from the roofline of our home. Another string would be wrapped around the bushes under the front windows. In the big front window, mom and I put the candy cane my grandmother had made, which dad wrapped with twinkle lights. We added  lighted stars on either side.

After night fall we would gather at the curb to appreciate our work. I was always amazed! It was so beautiful, as if our simple little rancher was dressed in fancy clothes, ready to celebrate the holiday .

We still hang Christmas lights on our house today. Of course when I say “we” I actually mean my Hubby. My only job is to stand at the bottom of the ladder and nag him about being careful. (I continue this nagging when he climbs up the ladder a second time to replace the bulb at the top of the peak that inevitably blows out). When he is done, our family, too gathers in the yard to enjoy the display.

I was wondering where and when  this tradition began. This is what I found out:

Christmas lights (also known informally as fairy lights) are lights used for decoration around Christmas. The custom goes back to the use of candles to decorate the Christmas tree in upper-class homes in 18th-century Germany. Christmas trees displayed publicly and illuminated with electric lights became popular in the early 20th century. By the mid-20th century, it became customary to display strings of electric lights as along streets and on buildings Christmas decorations detached from the Christmas tree itself. In the United States, it became popular to outline private homes with such Christmas lights in tract housing beginning in the 1960s. By the late 20th century, the custom had also been adopted in non-western countries, notably in Japan and Hong Kong.

Christmas lights are certainly a popular tradition in our town. There are numerous homes glowing from top to bottom. On one street, a few blocks away six families combine their yards to create a lighted Christmas village complete with Mr and Mrs Claus and all eight reindeer! We make the time to visit each year and also to drive around appreciating all the other homes dressed up in their Holiday finery.


13 thoughts on “Christmas Postathon Day 3

  1. As a kid I always used to count how many houses had lights up whenever my parents and I drove around the city. It was one of my favorite things about the holidays.

    The number of people willing to make the effort each year has dwindled disappointingly since then, but occasionally you still come across the odd street where all the neighbors seem to be competing over how many metric tons of lights they can fit into their yard, and that always cheers me up.

    • I guess it does get a little expensive and it is some work but even a lighted wreath in the window is cheery. We have streets in our neighborhood that really get into it too. It makes me think of Clark Griswald from “Christmas Vacation”! 😄🎄

  2. I love Christmas lights! Especially the large, old-fashioned kind. It gets dark so early in December, and the Christmas lights do a beautiful job of making things look cheerful and festive!

  3. I love twinkly lights! I’d really like to find a way to incorporate them all year. Sadly, The Mister doesn’t want to hang them and I’m not about to take it on myself, so I admire those of others.

  4. It’s not quite so prevalent here (although it seems to be increasing). Probably because to really appreciate the effect you have to go out at about 10 o’clock at night. The reality of a Summer Christmas. 🙂

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