Christmas Postathon Day 23

Christmas Company

One of the joys of the holiday season is having faraway family and friends come to visit. Some of my favorite Christmas specials had to do with this theme. Anyone remember a movie with Ed Asner called “The Homecoming”? How about the “Eight is Enough Christmas” where all eight kids and their families come home to spend Christmas with dad?

Most of our family live nearby and we are lucky enough to see them often through out the year. The one exception is my nephew Kyle. He moved out to Los Angeles about 5 years ago and we all miss him terribly. The two weeks he spends at home during the holidays is one of our Christmas highlights. I love watching my children and the other cousins re-bond every year.



At Christmas some people have company and other people are company. We have always been home and have hosted Christmas dinner ever since my children were babies. Hubby’s mom and brother and his family come as well as my sisters and their gang. This year the group will be smaller, just 14, because my nephew and two of my nieces will be spending the day with their spouse’s family. I’m a little bummed that we will have no baby Squish but I guess we have to share him sometimes!

I hope that you all are able to spend Christmas with the people who mean the most to you and that those of you traveling have a safe, pleasant trip.



11 thoughts on “Christmas Postathon Day 23

  1. We’re hosting as well, but we get the best of both worlds. Just our immediate family for Christmas morning, then others join us for Christmas afternoon. So a little private time, and then time with more extended family.
    Merry Christmas!

    • That’s how it works for us too. We have a quiet morning in our PJs then around 2:00 the families start to arrive. Enjoy!!

  2. Our Christmas Day improved the year certain siblings (one in particular) decided they would not come and the group around the Christmas lunch table was the group that gathers every month for dinner at my mother’s through the year. No more walking on eggshells, afraid of saying the wrong thing, no more sour, judging looks. Just the joy, laughter and comfort of people who want to be together.
    Families…… [rolls eyes] 🙂

  3. We have Christmas at home, alone, as a family. I suppose at some point the kids might bring their significant others, but we’re not there yet. 22 will join us, solo. Then after Christmas, more toward NYE, we’ll all go as extended family to my in laws’ house for a big day of dinner and presents and all that. I haven’t seen my oldest nephew since his spring break in April, and I am super excited to see him! I fear his growing independence will take him far. (Read into that! lol) Everyone’s in school, even the adults (except me!) — makes it hard to get the schedules to jibe, so we’re all glad for the break.

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