If We Were Having Coffee…1/31/16

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If we were having coffee….you might take a look at the mug I’m using and think, “Hmm, I suspect that it has been a rather challenging week around here.”

You would be correct. It has been a long, cold, dark week and I was overjoyed when Friday came along. It’s not even February yet and I am already so done with winter. See, my feeling about the cold weather is that once Christmas is over we should move right into spring. I’m craving sunshine so badly that I actually moved the cat yesterday and stole her sun spot.

I am not proud of this behavior.

If we were having coffee…I would ask you how you spent your week…andif you live in an area enjoying warmth and sunshine please tell me all about it…….in detail! Did you walk around in bare feet? Did you open the windows and dig in your garden? Did you sit on your porch with a good book and a glass of iced tea?? Come on, throw me a bone! I’m losing it here!!!

Sorry. Maybe we should just move on.

I’ll tell you about my week instead.

If we were having coffee….I would share that I actually did have a highlight to my week. One of my favorite authors responded to a Facebook note I sent her! Sue Grafton writes a series of mystery novels based on the letters of the alphabet. She started with “A” is now on “X” so she and I have a had a very long literary relationship, but I’ve never written a fan letter till now. The reason I felt the urge now was because she picked my son’s full name to use for a character in this book! Oddly, she also introduced said character at the beginning of the chapter that is the same number as his birthdate! It was such a thrill for me to see his name in print and such a weird coincidence that I wanted to share it with Ms Grafton and tell her how she “inadvertently made my day!”

Her response was short and to the point but she “sounded” just like I always thought she would….

“What a lovely surprise for you. Can’t remember where I came up with the name. Maybe a spirit visit in the dead of night. Tell him he’s now been immortalized and not even as one of the criminal element. Thanks for your note. What a hoot!…Sue”

If we were having coffee…I could also tell you about the lovely evening Hubby and I had last night listening to music at a local winery (I know it seems like I spend a lot of time at wineries, but I don’t, really 😉). We were invited by my father-in-law and his wife and had the most amazing pizza ever. I think, however, I will save the details and share them in my “Weekly Smile” post on Wednesday. It was definitely a smile worthy outing!

Well, I’m off to be productive (hopefully). The temperature is suppose to go up to 50 today so that makes the prospect much more likely! 😊 Thanks so much for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…1/31/16

  1. Hon, you need to move to South Carolina! We got the snowy weather last weekend, too, but……….it’s the South……which means we only got about two or three inches, and all was near to back to normal 36 hours later. Hallelujah! 🙂 Actually, we tend to get more ice than snow here, thus making travel very tricky, so I was relieved we didn’t get the amount of ice they first predicted. Today? Sunny. Breezy. Temperature got up to the mid-sixties. Felt like early spring! It was heavenly! As for the cat……….just plunk it in your lap and you can both share the sun. 🙂

    • This is not the first endorsement I’ve heard for SC, for many other things as well as the nice weather! Looks like another road trip for me!! Unfortunately my kitties are not lap cats. My first one loved to cuddle but these guys won’t actually lay on our laps. The little one lays behind me on the back of the chair and lays her head on top of mine! That’s her way of cuddling I guess! She has also been known to eat my hair. It thinks she is grooming me!🙄

      • That is mostly how the cats I have now are, too. My eldest one has taken to laying down on one leg, sometimes, when I’m on the couch. “Nope, I can’t spread out across your lap. Just the one leg, thank you, until I decide to get back on the arm of the couch.” 😉

      • Do you think it’s possible that a cat owner exists that doesn’t know the cat is in charge? 😉

    • I know! Of course I am choosing to believe it was really from her and not a random assistant because Ms Grafton is too classy for that. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This week has been turbulent inthe weather. We had thunclouds this early and at one point the skiesopena with rain and sleet. Thismorning fog and deary out. The sun does come for a short will. This April and May weather.

    • My goodness! How crazy has your weather been! We had a little winter mix on Friday but that was all after last week’s snow. The temperature was in the upper 50s today. Hope you have a nice week.

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