If We Were Having Coffee…9/10/22

Hi Friends! This is my first Coffee Share post in some time. Hope I remember how it’s done.

If we were having coffee…I would welcome you to a beautiful sunny day here in Southern New Jersey. My family tells me the tempature not quite as warm as it has been but I’ve been hiding in the house all day so I wouldn’t really know. I’m hiding because my body is recovering from my first week back at work. I feel kind of like a wimp for complaining since I did have two and a half months off and it was only a four day week but there you are.

I bet you’ve figured out that I work in a school, an elementary school to be exact. My job is that of an instructional aide which mostly means that I help out wherever needed. This year that location is in our fifth grade classroom. We have students from second to fifth in our school so that makes fifth grade the final stop before we ship them off to the scary, unknown land of Middle School! The teacher that I am working with has the reputation of being the “meanest teacher in the school!” She know this and is quite alright with it. What it really means is that she expects the students to work their hardest and to follow the rules. If they Personally, I’m very fond of her and most of the students will be too once they get to know her.

This is a new kind of school year for my family because in June my husband retired after 30 years as a middle school counselor so his September looked very different from mine. He is only 59 years old and not the kind of guy to sit around so he has already started a new job. In fact he has two because he it also teaching a class at a college down in Delaware. Needless to say, he is busier now than before but because he works from home part of the time now, he’s always underfoot! That will take some getting used to.

My son is finishing up his last six months of internship to become a school counselor (like his dad 🙂 ) and my daughter works as an administrative assistant at another of our local schools so we all are now marching to a different drummer that my husband. The dinner conversations are a little different and the change in working hours is difficult sometimes. It also is weird to think that next summer he will just keep working unlike the last 28 summers of our marriage. It’s a new phase of life but we’ll get used to it.

Change is good.

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6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…9/10/22

  1. I hear alot of retired people say they’re busier now than before they retired..lol.

  2. Nancy, Thank you for your weekend coffee share. The beginning of a new school year takes some adjustments. I hope your weekend is relaxing and you have a great week coming up.

  3. Hi Nancy and welcome (I think) back to the real world.
    I hope the work done on your back plays out to be exactly what you’re hoping for.
    Back in my college days I majored in education and told one of my instructors that I wanted to be a public school teacher. This was at a Christian college and he gave me a strong argument against my plan. He was an early visionary of where education was going in America. That could be a huge study all it’s own and is full of political opinions but in the end, I went looking for something different and ended up teaching technology in the private sector, working as an instructor for companies education departments. The money was far better and I only taught adults who wanted to be in my classes. For me, it was great prep for a related career I never saw coming – which is yet another story for another day.
    It’s great to have you back. I hope we get to keep you this time.

  4. Nice to see you here again! It sounds like your family has really gone the education route. Totally different subject – my brother recently bought a small condo in Stone Harbor, so last year I did spend a few days in Southern Jersey and most likely will visit every year or two.

    • When I was a kid, my dad’s sister had a beautiful home in Stone Harbor that we visited often. I’m glad you got to enjoy it. It’s a very nice beach town. Mostly now we go to Ocean City or Wildwood. They are a bit more affordable! 🙂

      • Yeah, location, location – I think my brother got the cheapest place in town, but has done a huge amount of work on it, so it looks pretty nice. And then, he rents it all summer, so it can pay for itself.

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