If We Were Having Coffee- 11/15/15


If we were having coffee…I would be wrapped in my fuzzy blue robe to ward off the chill in the morning air. They say the temps will be going up this week but for now, Fall is in the air. Our week here has been routine and calm with odds and ends being finished and projects under way.

I would share that I am feeling a little anxious this morning. I just kissed young Mr D’s cheek and sent him off to the city with three of his friends. They will be attending a Philadelphia Eagles football game solo for the first time. Hubby prepared him with directions, a map and lots of advice (he has been a season ticket holder since he was the same age so he knows the drill)… but still😬…with the way the world is today and the intensity of Eagles fans I will still worry till he is home safe and sound.

If we were having coffee…I would ask about your week? Have you visited with friends? Seen a good movie or read an exciting book? I am enjoying the latest novel from one of my favorite authors Sue Grafton. In case you are unfamiliar,  Ms Grafton writes a series of books about a female private detective named Kinsey Millhone and  each novel is based on a letter of the alphabet. The latest book is “X”. The first one I read, around 1983 was “D is for Deadbeat”. I was immediately hooked and went back to read “A is for Alibi “, “B is for Burglar” and “C is for Corpse” in rapid succession! I am amazed that she has been able to continue this series for over 25 years and still keep them so fresh and interesting. If you enjoy this genre too, I highly recommend them.

If we were having coffee...I might mention that we had a lovely dinner at my Hubby’s brother and sister-in-law’s home last night. We were celebrating my husband’s step-mother and our 10 year old nephew’s birthdays. We have so many birthdays this time of year, we tend to double up on the celebrations! My mother-in-law shares her’s with the pilgrims since her birthday usually falls on Thanksgiving weekend, then my brother-in-law and I share ours around the second weekend in December. I feel so lucky to have married into a family that I enjoy being with so much and whom I get to see so often. I know there are many people who are not that fortunate. I guess it’s the right time of year to be thinking about what we are thankful for, huh?

If we were having coffee...I would tell you that I’ve been busy creating “Bubble Gubby” themed games for the upcoming birthday extravaganza! If you recall, we chatted before  about my niece’s son having his first birthday next week. My sister is planning on throwing him a party at her home.  Sis is a bit…..hmmm…(what’s the right word?)…intense when it comes to party planning! She doesn’t host them very often so when she does she gets a little nutty. There is a lengthy list and there have been meeting involved! My part is artistic endeavors and party favors. So far, so good.

Well, I better rinse out my cup and get on with my day. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope your Sunday is full of fun!

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8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee- 11/15/15

  1. Absolutely, Ann. Just make sure you catch up first because she does build on things that have happened in past books. Happy reading!

  2. I’m sure Mr. D had a good day with his friends at the Eagles game. I understand how you felt about letting him go – my two boys are young twenty somethings, but I still worry a bit! I enjoy Sue Grafton’s books. I’m not a habitual mystery genre reader, but once in a while it can be an entertaining read. I love the Kinsey Millhone character and I’d forgotten that X is out, so thank you for the reminder. 🙂

  3. There’s a meeting for the party? I hope it comes with good beverages. I am not a fan of meetings of any kind. 🙂 I haven’t read Grafton’s work, but I saw the X book the other day. I can’t believe she’s almost done the series! What next? I’m sure the kids will have fun at the game, even with the forever it takes to get in and out of the parking lot. Getting there… just follow the sloooooooooooow line of cars. That’s where they’re going. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and the nice comments on my site! Have a GREAT week!

  4. I love the Kinsey Millhone series! Can you imagine being able to sustain a character throughout that many books?
    I might worry being around Eagles fans, too, but only because I am a Giants fan 😉

    • I know! I’ve read other series that should have ended sooner than they did, if you know what I mean, but Kinsey still seems fresh an interesting to me. I forgive you for being a Giants fan (Hubby probably wouldn’t, though!😉)

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